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Interchangeable needles offer the most flexibility. The needle tips and cables are separate components so you can chop and change as necessary without having to purchase every needle+cable configuration.

They will save you money in the long run, they are easier to store and organise, and if you buy a complete set, chances are you'll never have to buy knitting needles again!

Remember that you can knit both FLAT and in the ROUND with circular needles. We ALWAYS recommend circulars over straight needles. They are so much kinder to your wrists.

Choose between Chiaogoo needles which are made of surgical grade steel and feature THE BEST cables in the world, or smooth, light LYKKE needles made from warm birch wood.

And remember to ALWAYS use your tightening key (included in the pack with cables) when attaching your tips to your cables to ensure that they don't become unscrewed while you work.

More reasons why we LOVE interchangeable needles:

  • You only need one pair of tips in every width (you can buy shorted tips if you want too!)
  • You only need to have one cable of every preferred length*
  • Save money!
  • Save space!
  • Knit with two different needle sizes at the same time (eg a different size for your purl rows vs knit rows when knitting flat to even out your gauge)
  • Interchangeable cables have lifeline holes so you can add a lifeline! Super useful for complicated lace knitting!
  • Use the cables as stitch holders! Lykke cables come with end caps in each pack, and Chiaogoo End Stoppers are included in the Sets, or can be purchased separately. 
  • Or use an end stopper at one end to create flexible straight needles!
  • Cables can be as long as you like if you use cable connectors - great for huge blankets/shawls, or edging.

*Note that Chiaogoo cables have 3 different cable connectors:

  • MINI for 1.5mm to 2.5mm needles
  • SMALL for 2.75mm to to 5mm needles
  • LARGE for 5.5mm upwards


Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?