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Embracing Uniqueness

We’re passionate about creating an inclusive space that promotes and values diversity. We are committed to ensuring that our employees and customers are comfortable and safe being their authentic whole selves. Be you.

In practical terms, this means that we source and curate our products from a very diverse pool of talent; we value and promote diversity in our team; and respect and honour our customers regardless of gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, ability and differences. We actively encourage you to BE YOU whether it's in your creative expression and choices, or when participating at our events. We truly LOVE what makes each of us unique.

As a "woman of colour" owned business (ugh, I hate that I even have to say that), we know all too well the challenges and misery caused by discrimination. And separation. And polarisation. And "other"ing. We are working hard and passionately to provide an inclusive space for all of our humans. We are anti-clique and we will not and do not tolerate bullying of ANY kind.

 We Backed BIPOC in Fiber