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Organic Yarn

Yarns which are Certified Organic are spun from fibre which is produced without the use of man-made chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertiliser. Organic yarn from organic sheep

When this fibre comes from an animal, the animal must be fed organic feed and raised under organic standards. This means that the wool comes from sheep that have been allowed to roam and graze. Additionally, the majority of the sheeps' diet must come from grazing for their wool to be considered organic.  Animals used for organic yarn are kept in more humane conditions than those on factory farms. 

If a yarn is GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified, the spinning process is also tightly controlled.

Where a yarn is dyed, the dyes must be non-toxic and organic.  (These dyes are much more expensive than conventional dyes.)
  • Better for the environment:  The production of fibres used to create yarn, especially cotton, is very pesticide intensive if not organic.
  • Better for you: wearing organic fibres next to your skin can lead to fewer allergens.  No harsh chemicals for your skin to absorb.
  • Better for the animals: better feed, humane conditions

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