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ABS Plastic Small Loom (Speedweve Replica) Darning tool

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New ABS durable plastic version of the classic wooden 14 hook loom!

Please be aware of cheap, poor quality knock offs that are flooding the market from China at the moment. You can be sure that we only sell the highest quality available, and never cheap, unethical knock-offs from China.

ABS is a non-toxic, recyclable plastic, commonly used in children's toys and medical equipment. These disks are perfectly smooth, impact resistant, durable and available in bright, cheery colours.

Based on the original Speedweve darning "machine", this is the smaller 14 hook version of this nifty darning loom tool!

  • Diameter 70mm (2 ¾")
  • 42mm (1 ⅝") warp width (space from first hook to last hook)
  • 14 hooks spaced approx 3mm apart

Use the tool to mend holes in your knitwear or woven fabrics. Turn those moth hole woes into moth hole WOWS!

Just stretch the fabric over the tool, use the rubber bands to fix the fabric and loom in place, set up your warps and get weaving!

We have a great range ofSashiko threads which you can use for yourdarning/mending/embellishing (the variegated threads are amazing on these looms!), including these perfect littleGarden Party SetsMini Collection Packs, or use some stash yarn!

The machine doesn't come withwritten instructions,but there are some great instruction videos onYouTube to get you going, which work so much better than written notes.

We also stock the larger 21 hook loom, and the wooden 14 hook loom, our exclusive PREMIUM local Hardwood versions!

And check out these wonderful Recycled Denim Mending Pouches for your loom!