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Second Cashmere

Reclaimed Cashmere Mending Thread

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SCY1 White
SCY2 Black
SCY21 Dark Grey
SCY24 Mid-Grey
SCY8 Light Grey
SCY19 Dappled Grey
SCY9 Light Camel
SCY42 Fawn
SCY14 Earthy Brown
SCY17 Navy Blue
SCY16 Dark Blue
SCY37 Cobalt
SCY3 Light Blue
SCY27 Dark Purple
SCY30 Lilac
SCY13 Candy Pink
SCY35 Fuschia
SCY7 Hot Pink
SCY23 Mid-Purple
SCY28 Powder Pink
SCY11 Burgundy
SCY26 Barbie Pink
SCY32 Rosewood
SCY20 Red
SCY41 Dappled Orange
SCY5 Bright Orange
SCY31 Peach
SCY38 Gold
SCY34 Country Gold
SCY15 Canary Yellow
SCY18 Lime Green
SCY43 Moss
SCY40 Green
SCY12 Velvet Green
SCY44 Blue Green
SCY36 Teal
SCY25 Aqua
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  • RECLAIMED CASHMERE YARNS - UNRAVELED AND WOUND BY HAND: A zero-waste luxury mending solution.

    We are super impressed by Second Cashmere: 2022 Winners of the Online Retailer Award at the StartUp Awards Scotland!


    • 10 metres
    • Approximately 2/28nm
    • 2-ply yarn
    • Made from 100% pure reclaimed cashmere fibre

    This reclaimed cashmere yarn is unravelled by hand and is sourced from pure cashmere garments that can’t be refurbished or reinvented.

    Second Cashmere unpick garments and unravel the yarn course-by-course, stripping each piece back to basics to create long lengths of beautiful, 100% reclaimed cashmere yarn.

    This cashmere yarn is a nod to the different ways our wardrobes can become zero waste and how, with a bit of innovative thinking, we can transform textile waste into a valuable and creative resource. Each spool is made from wooden offcuts sourced from laser cutters, meaning that every aspect of this product is made entirely from waste. 


    We are Second Cashmere

    2022 Winners of the Online Retailer Award at the StartUp Awards Scotland!

    We handpick, restore and reinvent discarded cashmere to create zero waste luxury collections that don't cost the earth.

    We’re guided by one simple truth: the rate at which we currently consume just isn’t sustainable. Fast fashion is a major contributor to global warming, loss of habitat, and unethical working conditions around the world and things just can’t continue as they are.

    Fortunately, there are many ways in which we, as consumers, businesses and communities, can turn this around. One of those ways, our way, involves a shift from sourcing resources from the natural world to waste.

    We offer an alternative to mass-produced cashmere by reinventing waste cashmere destined for recycling and landfill, to create reclaimed cashmere yarns, original designs and restored cashmere knitwear collections from celebrated brands.

    Desirable design, deliberate choices. The way we see it, both are possible.

    So with care and creativity, we want to spearhead a new way to make sustainable, luxury shopping possible.

    All our collections are 100% cashmere.