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Isager Bouclé

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  • We stock every colour of new Isager Bouclé!

    Not all Bouclé's are created equal - some are just really difficult to knit with.

    Isager's Bouclé is a pleasure to work with, and produces a beautiful soft, acrylic-free fabric. 100% alpaca, you'll find the loops don't stick up as much as stiff boucle's when you're knitting with it, so they won't keep catching on your needles. 

    But unlike other 100% alpaca yarns, this one is great for garments - even yoked garments, since it won't stretch out and grow like a smooth Alpaca.

    Like most other Isager yarns, Bouclé works best when held together with other yarns, although it is truly great on its own too. 

    Hold with other yarns to add texture to flatness, but also, to create exciting colour-mix fabrics, to adjust gauge and drape. Isager Bouclé works really well for double knitting, jacquard knitting, and weaving. 

    More info on Isager combinations and gauges here, and patterns using Alpaca 1 here.

  • Ingredients:
    100% alpaca

    175m (191 yd)



    10 cm = needle size 3 mm / US 2.5 – 22 sts
    10 cm = needle size 3,5 mm / US 4 – 20 sts
    10 cm = needle size 4 mm / US 6 – 18 sts
    Bouclé + Alpaca 1  3.5 mm needles
    Bouclé + Spinni:  4.0 mm needles
    Bouclé + Tvinni:  4.0 mm needles
    Bouclé + Jensen: 5.0 mm needles


    Renowned for classic yarns made from natural fibres, well suited for knitting, crochet, weaving and embroidery.

    All the wool qualities are ideal for felting and for dyeing with plant dyes.

    It is important to us that our yarns are produced with the greatest amount of care taken to both animals and humans.


    Carefully created so the colours work well together both within and across the qualities. We rarely change the colours, as the range primarily consists of BASIC COLOURS, amongst which contemporary colours can always be found.

    The colours and qualities of our finer yarns can be mixed to create unique pieces.

    As a rule, single ply, densely spun yarns should not be used individually for working in the round, as they may pull the finished work. When worked together with other qualities this problem is avoided.