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We surveyed our favourite crocheters to find you the BEST commercial crochet hooks on the market.  

Tulip Hooks consistently delight their users because they are supremely comfortable, durable and pretty!  You'll be working faster and producing nicer results with these babies, and they really help with wrist fatigue.

Tulip pride themselves on maintaining consistently high quality through the years. 

We are now living in a world where the accuracy requirement in the field of electronics-based inspections is less than 100 microns. However, this demand cannot be met without the combination of initiative and the latest micro-technologies. While we continue to develop our traditional techniques in that area, we are accumulating still more skills. We dedicate ourselves to answering to our customers’ wishes, and we are continuously endeavoring to meet new goals and new demands.

  Hooks and needles are made in Japan.

Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?