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Alpaca 1

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  • This fine, ultra-thin, 2-ply 100% alpaca yarn is gorgeous used individually for shawls and vests, but also for when held together with other yarns, as it was designed to do. 

    Combine with other yarns to add softness and a more exciting structure, or even to enable you to use a larger needle, if this is needed for your pattern of choice.

    We use this quality together with woolen yarns and plant fibre yarns such as Viscolin and Bomulin.

    Just about any yarn will benefit from being knitted together with Alpaca 1. Alpaca 1 will create an interesting new shade when combined with another colour. One continuous strand of Alpaca 1 can also add unity and bind colours together in a work where many colours are used. 

    A very useful addition to your stash!

    More info on Isager combinations and gauges here, and patterns using Alpaca 1 here.

  • Ingredients:
    100% alpaca

    400m (437yd)



    Individually: 3mm (US 2.5)
    Alpaca 1 and Spinni held together: 3 – 4 mm needles
    Alpaca 1 and Highland or Tvinni held together: 3.5 – 4.5 mm needles
    Alpaca 1 and Isager Tweed held together: 4 – 5 mm needles


    Renowned for classic yarns made from natural fibres, well suited for knitting, crochet, weaving and embroidery.

    All the wool qualities are ideal for felting and for dyeing with plant dyes.

    It is important to us that our yarns are produced with the greatest amount of care taken to both animals and humans.


    Carefully created so the colours work well together both within and across the qualities. We rarely change the colours, as the range primarily consists of BASIC COLOURS, amongst which contemporary colours can always be found.

    The colours and qualities of our finer yarns can be mixed to create unique pieces.

    As a rule, single ply, densely spun yarns should not be used individually for working in the round, as they may pull the finished work. When worked together with other qualities this problem is avoided.