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Isager Spinni

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  • Spinni is an iconic Isager staple. We love using this single ply wool on its own to make charming rustic lace shawls since it happily keeps it's shape, so the scarf/shawls don't collapse, but still stay nice and soft.  It also makes the loveliest light sweaters and tops.

    Or double it up for the perfect Sport weight!

    Use Spinni in multi-coloured work to add it's characteristic structure to the knitted fabric.  The colour palette in this yarn is breathtaking on its own, but becomes something else entirely with paired with Alpaca 1 or Alpaca 2, or Silk Mohair.

    Since its spun in a single direction, it's not really suitable for knitting in stocking stitch in the round when held alone.  The knitted fabric will have a tendency to skew, but this won't be a problem if you're working a textured pattern in the round.

    More info on Isager combinations and gauges here, and pattern ideas here.

    (Note that the colours suffixed with "s" are dyed on natural grey fibres which gives them a warmer tone.  All others are dyed on white fibres which lends them a clearer quality.)

  • Ingredients:
    100% wool

    300m (330yd)


    Individually: 3mm (US 2)

    Spinni and Alpaca 1 held together: 3 – 4 mm needles 

    Spinni and Alpaca 2 held together: 3.5 - 3.5 mm needles 

    Spinni and Silk Mohair held together: 4 – 6 mm needles


    Renowned for classic yarns made from natural fibres, well suited for knitting, crochet, weaving and embroidery.

    All the wool qualities are ideal for felting and for dyeing with plant dyes.

    It is important to us that our yarns are produced with the greatest amount of care taken to both animals and humans.


    Carefully created so the colours work well together both within and across the qualities. We rarely change the colours, as the range primarily consists of BASIC COLOURS, amongst which contemporary colours can always be found.

    The colours and qualities of our finer yarns can be mixed to create unique pieces.

    As a rule, single ply, densely spun yarns should not be used individually for working in the round, as they may pull the finished work. When worked together with other qualities this problem is avoided.