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Little Beau Sheep

Wool Dryer Balls

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  • Wool dryer balls, pack of 3 mixed sheep felted laundry balls, reusable, chemical free laundry, natural fabric softener.

    Soft, strong and they really do last long

    Made from 100% sheep wool to the core, there’s no wrapped yarn filling, so these hardy types won’t unravel in the tumbler.
    In fact they’re good for literally 1000s of spins. Like the best of sheep, they may need a trim from time to time to return keep them looking good.

    Their lanolin content also makes them an ideal chemical-free alternative to softeners and disposable laundry sheets. My little ones’ nappies (always the ultimate test I think) came out soft, fluffy and free from any of the residue softeners can leave behind.

    5 dryer ball laundry hacks

    1  Helps circulate air between garments, to facilitate drying

    2  Massages fabric surface for a fluffier finish

    3  Reduces creasing in the tumble dryer for easier ironing

    4  Natural lanolin contents softens and smooths garments

    5  No need for expensive softeners that can leave annoying residue

    Mixed Sheep breeds contains Suffolk, Shetland and Herdwick.
    English Sheep breeds contains Herdwick, Suffolk and Wiltshire Horn.

  • We knew we had to carry this incredible range of natural, British products as soon as we tried them!

    Award-winning Little Beau Sheep is the brain-child of Sarah Turner, who is as big on the magical properties of natural lanolin as we are. We adore her lanolin balm, which works better than anything we've ever tried on dried/irritated/chapped skin. 

    And the dryer balls and soaps are out of this world amazing!

    "Using British wool, I hand-make a range of natural and novel gifts and goodies here in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

    From dryer balls for a faster more fragrant tumble-dry, to felted soaps for an invigorating bath or shower, there’s a whole flock of fabulous stuff to choose from. Why not take a look and see what takes your fancy?"

    Flying the flag for British Wool

    Sarah is a proud supporter of the Rare Breed Survival Trust and The Campaign for Wool. Described as ‘a miraculous material’ by none less than Prince Charles, British wool has an amazing history, especially in her native Yorkshire.