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The Yarn Winding Manifesto by Astrid Skibsted

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“Wrapping is a way of life, a contagious enthusiasm—and that’s what this book should do. Share aesthetic and material effects and the joy of them. I’d like to pass on the experience of paging through these 230 wrapworks and getting the feeling that it never stops. That this is an endless source of compositions, structures, sensory experiences, and colour combinations”.

"The experience of colour in textiles has a special, moving intensity and relativity. Our way of choosing colours tells a personal story about us, which emerges as we wind. It is my hope and my experience that this is catching. That my dedication to and love of yarn windings--and all the layers they hold—may also overtake you." Astrid Skibsted

An absolutely stunning book, The Yarn Winding Manifesto is an inspirational work intended to share the joy of craftsmanship, materials, and colours. So that together, we can contribute a bit of creative counterbalance to an efficient, results-oriented society. There’s a need for it!

The book is a flow of inspiring images in a wealth of colours, textures, and compositions. This photo series of nearly 200 works is introduced with beautiful and intelligent framing texts, an illustrated guide to the method, and a yarn winding manifesto of tangible simplicity.

The Yarn Winding Manifesto is:
  • An explosion of colour and texture.
  • An Immersive experience.
  • A method with great artistic potential that requires very little technical skill.
  • A creative activity to be enjoyed across generations.
  • A sketching tool for textile craft.
  • A way to explore colour.
  • A love declaration for yarn.
  • 4 short essays on creativity and colour.
  • 10 illustrations and a written guide on how to make your own yarn windings.
  • Nearly 200 photographs of artworks for inspiration.
Written in English and Dutch, 232 pages, 17 x 24 cm, Weight: 615 g