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Rustic Heather Sport

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  • When we saw this yarn in the original Artus Shawl, we couldn't resist - Rustic Heather Sport is just right up our alley! (Click here for Shawl Kits.)

    Also, check out our exclusive custom colours: Aqua, Sunshine and Bubblegum! All picked to add the perfect pop, or for eye-catching stand-alone colours!

    This beautiful, single ply, non-superwash yarn has been minimally processed and sheepy, retaining all the best qualities of real wool. Spun from 100% Canadian fleeces from New Brunswick, each skein is a custom blend of Suffolk, Dorset, Cheviot, Romney and Rideau Arcott.

    This yarn is purposefully rustic, though it gets much softer with washing. Wonderful for stitch definition for your textured knits, but interesting enough on it's own for basic stocking stitch since the colourways are truly heathered.

    And since it's not been over processed, you can expect both drape and elasticity, with a touch of natural sheen.

    Some shades are natural, and some are hand-dyed over a heathered base to give wonderful semi-tonal results. There's no machine-dyed flatness here!

    Such a pleasure to knit with!!!

    Each skein is 197m and 56g.

  • Ingredients:
    100% Non-Superwash Wool

    197m (215 yd)



    24 - 26 sts = 4 inches

    3 - 6 US/ 3mm - 4mm


    Hand dyed yarn inspired by the quiet beauty of the forest, marsh, and sea, from Sackville, New Brunswick.

    We are especially excited by their minimally processed, custom yarn bases, sympathetically hand dyed by Megan and her team in beautiful New Brunswick.