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La Madrilana by dLana

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001 Natural
002 Sour Strawberry
003 Berry
004 Clear Evening
008 Hummus
011 Green Tweed
013 Green Lagoon
015 Heavenly Blue
017 Fire
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  • This refined (but not over processed) fine yarn is perfect for next-to-skin garments and accessories alike.

    Also, unusually for a Merino, this yarn is woolen spun (instead of worsted spun) which makes it even more airy, and probably unlike any merino you've used before.

    We love the handle of this yarn. It's merino, but not the commercial, super-wash, over-processed stuff. La Madrilana has all the best qualities the breed and keeps it real. This yarn feels like wool.

    We don't stock all of the colours, but we have picked the colourways that are stunningly complex and heathered - colours we couldn't live without!

    It's absolutely incredible after blocking too. And we recommend using dLana Ecowash.

    Named in honour of the city where dLana was born, this beautiful Merino wool is selected and spun in regions of the northeast of the peninsula of La Madrilana.

    dLana yarn is always mulessing-free and treated without any aggressive  chemical processes or finishes, such as superwash or bleaching. So, you'll always get a yarn that retains the best qualities of natural wool - effortless insulation, dirt resistance, moisture-wicking, mold resistance, breathable, fire resistant, odour resistant - the list goes on!

  • Ingredients:
    100% Merino Wool

    450m (492yd)


    Light Fingering weight
    Needles: 2.5 - 2.5mm (US 1½ - 4)

  • dLana was born to change the paradigm of wool production, in a world where it was considered a mere byproduct, with a vision for the future to safeguard a history full of traditions and knowledge.

    Today, dLana creates yarns full of beauty and love, and yarns which are 100% traceable.

    Since 2017, Ester and Javi, have been creating beautiful yarns from Spanish locally-sourced fleeces. They are committed to improve their local environment and the yarn-producing communities, as well as respecting how sheep are bred and treated.

    dLana yarn is the result of the study, research and connection work with the different agents of the wool industry. They offer wools from extensive and transhumant livestock, certified by the seal “100% native wool” of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the National Association of Merino Cattle Breeders, which ensures a traceability of the subject . In this case, the brown wool comes from the province of Badajoz dela Cabello livestock, in Siruela, where the sheep graze in certificated dehesa in ecological.

    In addition, they have the pride and pleasure of having made all the processes their native Spain, thus they are able to boast totally local production.

    The wool, after being washed in Béjar, is spun in Val de San Lorenzo, applying certain physical processes that give it great softness and exceptional quality.

    We are what we we like.