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dLana Ecowash Soap

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We love this gentle, no-rinse eco-wash by dLana, for all your delicate garments and wooly creations!

Based on a baby bath formula, this liquid soap gently cleans your recently completed projects as part of your block routine, or regularly worn garments without the need for rinsing!

All ingredients are from organic farming, and certified by CAAE Cosmo Organic. Gently scented with lavender.

Washing with this lovely soap won't modify the structure of the fibre, which means that it respects its integrity and original characteristics. Instead, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how the soap will allow natural fibres to bloom.

You will only need to add a tablespoon of gel for every 3 litres of warm water (approximately a full sink), soak and remove the garment, leaving it to soak for about 2 minutes. Remove the excess water with the help of your hands without twisting and wring out a little more by pressing the garment with the help of a towel, lay it horizontally or block it as usual.

Bottled in Eco friendly packaging: made from sugar cane.

Available in two sizes: 125ml or 250ml