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Artyarns Inspiration Club Mar 2024: Desert Lagoons

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  • Get inspired with Artyarns Inspirations!

    These are Limited Edition colours in some of our favourite Artyarns bases: Merino Cloud and Double Mohair!

    Every purchase includes exclusive patterns designed to bring out the yarn colours. Once a colour sells out it’s retired and will never be repeated.

    "We thought it would be fun to put together this unlikely pairing of desert and lagoons with a lovely soothing colourway that has many popular colours for Spring, including pink, rose, mushroom, and blues with a hint of violet.  Every skein is lovingly dyed in Artyarns' unique ombre style, by artisans with brushes.

    Read more about each of the yarns and their characteristics here:
    Merino Cloud 
    Silky Twist

    Patterns will be emailed to you upon purchase*:

    1. Desert LagoonsShawl by Iris Schreier: A one skein shawl knit in Merino Cloud. 

    Desert Daybreak Shawl by Dana Fehrenbach: 1 skein Double Mohair and 2 skeins Merino Cloud.

    3. Lagoon Mirage Cowl by Danielle Courier of Knitique: 1 skein Silky Twist and 1 skein Beaded Silk and Sequins

    PS - the contrast colours in the Merino Cloud pics are:
    380 Ballet Slippers
    2376 Bluebells
    249 Soft Chamois

    And for Beaded SIlk & Sequins:
    362 Mush Blush Clear
    934 Magnolias Silver
    380 Ballet Slippers Clear

  • Ingredients:
    Merino Cloud:
    80% Fine Merino
    20% Italian Cashmere

    Silky Twist:
    80% Ultra Fine Merino
    20% IMulberry Silk

    Merino Cloud:
    400m (440yd)

    Silky Twist:
    200m (220yd)

    Merino Cloud:

    Silky Twist:

    Merino Cloud:
    3.75 mm - 4 mm (US 5 - 6)
    22 st = 10cm (4")

    Silky Twist:
    5-8mm (US 8-11)

    We recommend hand washing non-superwash, hand-dyed yarns.

    Although Artyarns are very consistent with their colourways, all hand-painted skeins are unique. If your project uses more than one skein, you may want to alternate / stripe the skeins.

    Block / wash in lukewarm water with some wool wash, and lay flat to dry. Artyarns set their dyes with steaming and thoroughly rinsing but differing water temperatures and chemicals can cause some dye to bleed in any yarn.

    If you're pairing light and dark colours, we recommend washing your swatch first to test for colour-fastness.
  • Artyarns was founded in 2002 by Iris Schreier, a celebrated knitwear author whose work appears in major knitting media outlets. 

    Artyarns fibers are manufactured in the United States. We strongly believe in local sourcing of materials and equipment. We utilize energy efficient systems and sustainable materials. Artyarns collaborates only with countries who follow International Labor Organization Standards.

    Before the art of knitting comes the art of yarn