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Silk Day Dream

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N18A Prince
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  • As the name suggests, Silk Day Dream is completely heavenly to work with. We would class this yarn as ultra-luxurious.

    Consisting of two laceweight strands of the highest quality Japanese Mulberry Silk which have been lightly twisted together, Silk Day Dream positively glows.

    Lustrous, drapey, smooth and unbelievably soft. If you get the change to knit with this Sport Weight yarn, take it!

    Each artisan skein is hand-painted at the Artyarns Studio. We love this yarn!

    Since this yarn hand-dyed, with no dye lots, no two skeins are exactly alike. 
    Also, check out the Artyarns patterns which are available FREE with purchase of yarn.

    We LOVE these:
    Silk Dream 3 Pattern Collection which uses 1 skein of Silk Day Dream for 2 patterns and 2 skeins for 1 pattern.
    Optical Triangle Shawl Pattern which uses one skein of Merino Cloud and one skein of Silk Day Dream.
    Watercolour Shawl which uses 2 skeins of Silk Day Dream.
  • Ingredients:
    100% Japanese Mulberry Silk

    366m (400yd)


    4 mm (US 6)
    20 st = 10cm (4")

  • Artyarns was founded in 2002 by Iris Schreier, a celebrated knitwear author whose work appears in major knitting media outlets. 

    Artyarns fibers are manufactured in the United States. We strongly believe in local sourcing of materials and equipment. We utilize energy efficient systems and sustainable materials. Artyarns collaborates only with countries who follow International Labor Organization Standards.

    Before the art of knitting comes the art of yarn