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Tin Can Knits

Wrap Trio by Pam Powers Knits

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  • The Wrap Trio is a booklet that includes three individual patterns, Duchess, Replier and the Japan Weave.

    This is a printed booklet with a D2 security enabled Ravelry download code.

    • Duchess Wrap has a simple knit-purl stitch pattern with Intarsia-worked colour borders. A scalloped cast-on edge serves as buttonholes for delicate round buttons strategically placed on a side edge so the rectangular piece is worn as a “V”.

    • Replier is a crescent-shaped wrap secured with hidden snaps and 2 large decorative hook & eye sets. Fold the top edge over and you get a flattering shawl collar style wrap. This pattern is available as an individual download as well.

    • The Japanese Weave Crescent Wrap is an adaptation of the original and is exclusive to this eBook. It is shaped with short rows to form a shoulder-hugging wrap versus the rectangular shape of the previous version. This wrap also differs from the original with the plaited sections being of different widths to provide even more interesting texture.

  • Paperback:
    30 pages

    8.3 x 11.7"