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Westknits MKAL 2022 Kits: Twists & Turns

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It’s MKAL Time!!! Check out our Instagram Live on these kits here.

The Westknits Mystery Knit A Long (or MKAL) is an annual mystery shawl where knitters all over the world knit a new shawl together as each section is revealed as a surprise over the course of four weeks in October. 

(Past MKALs have resulted in some of the most loved and treasured Westknits shawl patterns  including Exploration Station, The Doodler and Slipstravaganza.

The 2022 Shawl is called TWISTS & TURNS. So far, we know that we need 3 colours, and there’s a good chance it involves some cables.. 

Don’t worry if you're a relative newbie, the shawl is good for "adventurous beginners" - Stephen's videos are always brilliant, and there's so much help available on the 2022MKAL Ravelry Group.

What is an MKAL?
MKAL stands for Mystery Knit A Long! Knit Alongs (KALs) are fun, social activity in which a group of knitters all make the same project in a specified timeframe.

Mystery Knit Along adds an extra level of spice, because you won’t know what the thing you’re knitting is when you start. A section of the pattern (clue) is released each week, and at the end of the Knit Along, the final design is revealed.

The Westknits MKAL is always a shawl design, and always incorporates interesting techniques (shaping, stitch patterns, and other design features), but beyond that, it’s a mystery!

When does the MKAL start?

Clue one is released on 6 October 2022.

How do I sign up?
Purchase the MKAL pattern with your kit below (it will be sent digitally to your email address, and give us your Ravelry name too if you want us to add it to your library);

OR buy it yourself on Ravelry.


There will be lots of fun chat in the Ravelry group, on Instagram, and Stephen will be hosting Zoom and Instagram Live events throughout the MKAL.

How do I get the clues?
The clues are released every Friday. If you purchase the pattern through us or on Ravelry, you will receive an email and be able to update your pattern in your Library. 

How many clues are there?
There are four clues, released on these dates:

Clue 1 - October 6 
Clue 2 - October 13
Clue 3 - October 20
Clue 4 - October 27

This year’s shawl features 5 skeins of fingering weight yarn: 
MC (main colour) - 2 skeins (100g each) of the same colour 
CC (contrast colour) - 2 skeins (100g each) of the same colour 
AC (accent colour) - 1 skein (100g) of an accent colour pop (shown here as the colour on the right or outside of the circle)

You will see the MC and CC combined together for most of the shawl. The AC is an extra colour that is used as a colour pop.

We have compiled kits that we think will work best given all the clues we have received from Stephen about this pattern.

The overall shape and dimensions are part of the mystery! TWISTS & TURNS will be a large shawl, similar in size to Starflake and Shawlography.

What's included in my "Kit"?
All kits include 500g of luxurious Merino Cloud by Artyarns: 2 x 100g skeins of the colour on the left and centre, and 1 x 100g skein of the accent colour (shown on the left in our photos).

We have created kits from our favourite yarn this year because we know it’s perfect for this MKAL!

What else will I need?

It’s always good to have some extra stitch markers and split ring markers in case you want to use them to help you knit the shawl. Make sure the cable needle / dpn is a similar thickness as your knitting needle.

Gauge guideline: 
24 sts & 52 rows = 4” / 10cm in garter stitch before blocking.

Try to get close to the recommended stitch gauge to ensure you don’t run out of yarn. A similar stitch gauge is more important than getting an exact row gauge. You will have a little extra yarn in our kits for making swatches, and for gauge differences, so don’t worry too much!

Try to get close to the recommended stitch gauge to ensure you don’t run out of yarn. A similar stitch gauge is more important than getting an exact row gauge.