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TWIZZTER Portable Yarn Holder

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  • The TWIZZTER is a brand new way of managing your yarn while you knit / crochet. 

    Hand-made in Sweden by a small family business, it was invented to be  a 'third hand' to take care of and control stubborn yarn-balls. Knit or crochet comfortably at home or bring your yarn with you wherever you go. Twizzter combines yarn safety with total flexibility.

    The rotating function supplies the yarn smoothly at your own pace.

    Forget chasing skeins rolling away on dirty floors or getting irritated about the yarn getting stuck. Or kids and pets getting in between you and your skein.

    • Totally unique function. The rotating mechanism allows a smooth supply of yarn

    • Made in Sweden, with lightweight and maintenance free stainless steel.
      Extremely durable

    • Consists of two parts so that changing skeins is easy and simple

    • The perfect gift for any enthusiastic knitter or crocheter

    • Hand-made by a small family owned company

    • Lifetime warranty

    We've tested and used this cool gadget ourselves, and it really does make knitting on the go (or around a playful puppy) that much easier. Suitable for all sorts of balls and cakes of yarn. To use with a skein, we recommend winding it into a cake on a ball winder or by hand using a nostepinne.

    More info on how to use your Twizzter here.

  • How to use

    Inserting the yarn

  • TWIZZTER® is created by a small start-up company in Sweden. Made to act as a 'third hand' to take care of and control stubborn yarn-balls during the creative process of knitting and crochet in a way that is completely new.

    TWIZZTER® is a product intended for creative, environmentally and socially conscious yarn-creators that live modern lives, flexible in their choice of work space, where outdoor living is as natural as sitting at home.

    Made in Sweden

    We are proud to present this quality product, made in Sweden by professional craftsmen and out of the very best materials available.

    Owning a Twizzter means to have a friend for life. It will perform perfectly every time, year after year. That is why we give every Twizzter a life long fabrication guarantee. This proves how convinced we are of its quality and longevity.

    Our invention

    The original idea was to lend mummy a hand while knitting with the house full of kids, food on the stove and phone ringing all the time. With Twizzter she could keep a hand free and just carry her knitting stuff around.

    Twizzter is a great problem solver for active knitters (who can’t sit for hours on the coach), for outdoor knitters and your best buddy when travelling.
    Unique functionality and with patent pending!