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Kremke Soul Wool


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  • By the same people who brought you Stellaris, Twinkle is a sparkly, subtle glitter yarn creates little twinkles when held with other yarns. Twinkle has little nubbins of concentrated sparkle which make for a pretty, random starry effect.

    Like Stellaris, i
    t's lovely knit along with other yarn, but also on its own with 2 - 3 threads held together. It makes a really interesting texture. 

    It's thinner than Shiny, and more textured than Stellaris.

  • Ingredients:
    51% viscose, 49% polyester

    300m (328 yd)


    20 sts to 10cm

  • Founder Britta Kremke has knit every day since she was a teenager. Disillusioned by too many "fancy yarns" in the market and feeling uninspired by the standard ranges of "merino super wash" and "super sock" offered by most large brands, Britta yearned for yarns "with soul", yarns that had a story to tell. 

    So almost ten years ago, she started having producers spin distinct fibres into interesting, yet classic yarns at competitive prices.

    Today the range of Kremke Soul Wool comprises various very different yarns, from organic hand spun, hand-dyed cotton from Peru to recycled Cashmere from Italy...