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Mrs Moon

Tutti Frutti Blanket CROCHET Pattern

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This cool pattern is free with your purchase of Pudding yarn for this pattern by Mrs Moon! Just let us know in the Notes section of your order and we will email you the pattern.

This blanket is simple to make. I have given yarn quantities for the border separately as it uses quite a lot and you may want to do something smaller.

Finished Measurements

67cm x 82cm (excluding boarder), 74cm x 92cm (including boarder)

One size, but note that I have given the pattern repeat, so it is easy to upsize. The instructions for the border work for a larger blanket too

Tension19trs x 10 rows to 10cm (4”)


Mrs Moon's Pudding yarn in each of the following quantities:

1 x Contrast Colour 1 (CC1) (shown in damson jam)
1 x CC2 (shown in marshmallow)
3 x CC3 (shown in fondant fancy)
2 x CC4 (shown in bonbon)
4 x CC5 (shown in crème caramel)
2 x CC6 (shown in lemon curd)
2 x CC7 (shown in sugared almond)
3 x CC8 (shown in peppermint cream)
2 x CC9 (shown in darjeeling)

You will also need an additional six balls for the border:
2 of the first colour and then 1 each of the other four.

I have used:
2 x CC9 (darjeeling)
1 x CC4 (bonbon)
1 x CC7 (sugared almond)
1 x CC6 (lemon curd)
1 x CC2 (marshmallow)


3.75mm hook