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Triangle Stitch Markers

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We love Triangles designed with an angled shape to stand out from your knitting! 

 they stick up from the work, it’s easy to get the needle tip into the corner for transferring to the other needle without having to physically manoeuvre it with your fingers.

The new subdued rainbow of Earth Tone Triangles comes in a triangle-shaped kraft box and accommodates needle sizes 1 - 9mm (US 0-13). 54 markers total per pack.

The 6 colours still coordinate with The Cocoknits Method, but are a bit more toned down than our classic rainbow shades of stitch marker.

Product Details

  • Nylon coated steel
  • Earth Tone Set
  • Large stitch markers fit US 13 / 9 mm needles or smaller (3 each in 6 colours)
  • Medium stitch markers fit US 10 / 6 mm needles or smaller (3 each in 6 colours)
  • Small stitch markers fit US 6 / 4 mm needles or smaller (3 each in 6 colours)
  • Contained in a triangle-shaped kraft box with removable top

How to Use

Triangle markers are helpful when working lace or YO patterns because the points hold the “stitch to be" in place.

A lot of people find them more comfortable because the flat edge is flush along your fingers unlike the curve of a circle.

For many, the points make them faster to slip from one needle to the next.

They cling to the Cocoknits Maker’s Keep or any magnet