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Mrs Moon

Ticking Wrap Kit

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This has to be our favourite crochet wrap EVER!! It's so very cozy, such an original and wearable shape, and the yarn is so delicious to work with and wear!

So it only makes sense that we offer the whole thing as a kit so you can have one too!

"This wrap continues my current obsession with linen stitch. I love it the fact that you can create all sorts of colourful patterns without stranding yarn. It also doesn’t look too crocheted which is generally a good thing. "This, like so many things I make started out as something else, I was going to make a large triangular wrap but as I went on it became obvious that there was going to be just too much of it so I changed tack. There is a point at one end and not at the other, a sort of trapezium, but I think the asymmetry works well, making it a versatile wear, particularly when you add some tassels. Feel free to make it bigger or smaller.

"The shawl starts at the longest end and then decreases on every row (at the end of all even rows and the beginning of all odd rows)." Mrs Moon

Kit Includes:
Mrs Moon’s Plump dk in the following amounts:
4 x Main colour (MC) Creme Caramel
2 x Contrast Colour 1 (CC1) Raspberry Ripple
1 x Contrast Colour 2 (CC2) Bubblegum
3 x Contrast Colour 3 (CC3) Earl Grey
1 x Contrast Colour 4 (CC4) Damson Jam
PDF Pattern
Feel free to switch out colours to personalise too! Contact us to build your own version!

You will need:
4mm hook

Tension (over pattern):
10 x dc and 10 x ch1 spaces and 21 rows to 10cm (4”)

Finished Measurements:
156 cm (611⁄2”) (longest point) x 59cm (23”)