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Snag Repair Needle

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A must have in every maker's tool kit!
  • Clover's Snag Repair Needles are the perfect way to repair fabric snags.
  • Each needle has a slightly rounded point to make quick work on both woven or knit fabrics.
  • The textured ends of the needles easily grip loose threads and pull them through to the hidden side of the fabric.
  • Snag Repair Needles work on cottons, linens, silks, synthetic fibers and blends.
  • Individual packages contain two steel repair needles.

What does it do?

Designed for the detail side of snag repair or finishing stitches off cleanly. Two sizes of needles are provided. The thicker size is ideal for loosely woven or knit fabrics. The finer size is perfect for densely woven or finer fabrics. Each needle sports a fine ball point that allows us to manipulate our fabric without having to worry about splitting fibres. This is especially important when repairing snags on fine fabrics. Additionally, Snag Repair Needles are the new “go to” tool for hiding loose thread ends associated with machine quilting, embroidery, punch needle, needlepoint, Sashiko or tapestries. Here’s how it works.


Unsightly snags ruin the feel of anything. Fix it or forget it, right? Fixing is better. Simply select the snag repair needle size for the fabric being repaired. Remember, always use the finest needle possible. Insert the point into the exact spot from where our errant thread was pulled. Attach those loose fibres or threads to the “grippy” edges on the end of the needle by wrapping them around the shaft while simultaneously twisting the needle. Once the connection is made, just pull the needle with the attached fibres through the fabric to the wrong side and remove the needle. Problem solved.