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Uist Wool

Uist Wool DK

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  • We adore this range of tonal DK's by Uist Wool. Fleeces are sourced locally from small communities in the stunning Outer Hebrides - an archipelago of islands flanking the Atlantic Ocean.

    Uist Wool is a community benefit society operating a spinning mill and wool centre on Grimsay. The yarn produced here is unlike anything you'll have tried before.

    Each of these wonderful DKs us super lofty, springy, and hardworking. Think high quality rustic yarn that's absolutely not too rustic to not be comfortably worn and cherished. We absolutely adore these very special yarns!

    Calma DK:
    A true Hebridean yarn capturing the spirit and strength of these hardy North Atlantic native sheep. The dense, deepest brown wool offers an enchanting smooth and rich softness that underlies a courageous heart and sturdy soul.

    Sian DK:
    Powerful elements have come together to shape 
    stormy Sian, a deep, dark blended yarn that echoes fulsome rain-bearing clouds racing westerly across our heads as we run for shelter before the deluge. This gorgeous yarn is a blend of dark, dramatic Zwartbles, with natural white Cheviot.

    Fuaran DK:
    Fresh, crisp and clear; Fuaran mixes Zwartbles, Texel & Mixed Breeds to match the colour and dynamic of cold spring water tumbling and bursting over granite rocks on its way to the freshwater lochs before eventually the ocean. A muted dusty grey yarn full of lofty unctuous character.

    Siaban DK:
    A salty blend of Uist wools, this pale and mysterious yarn matches the blurred edges between sand and land as dunes drift and settle beyond the beaches in a wild Winter gale. This misty grey yarn may be pale in colour, but it still ripples and pulses with interest, tone and shade as the contrasting colours of the blended fibres nestle together in the twist to form true depth of shade in this light yarn. Siaban mixes local Zwartbles with Cheviot.

    Solas DK:
    Ever-changing and pure, clouds breeze through in constant activity- Nothing prepares you for the light and skies of the Outer Hebrides. Classic natural white of top-grade Cheviot yarn that conveys the clarity and purity of the North Atlantic machair coastlines. Solas is spun from 100% Scottish Cheviot wool.

    Sith DK:
    A moment of silence in a modern life, Sìth is a balanced blend of Cheviot & Hebridean that reflects the stillness of time when we allow ourselves the peace to imagine drifting away on a flat, calm sea under a light cool sky.

    Fras DK:
    The scattering of seeds on the ground washed by droplets from a passing shower will bring new life, growth and renewal. A natural white Cheviot base interrupted by irregular flecks and streaks of dark Zwartbles.
    Making the most out of the unique nature of Uist's refurbished carding machinery, they can create this amazing effect with stunning results.

  • Ingredients:
    100% Wool

    235m (257yd)



  • About Uist Wool

    Born from a collective will to find a fresh purpose for local fleece that would reconnect the community with their cultural heritage for woll-working.

    Uist Wool runs a spinning Mill & Wool Centre on the island of Grimsay in North Uist, part of the Outer Hebrides an island archipelago off the north west coast of Scotland.

    Uist Wool is based on the principles of People, Planet & Profit, seeking to benefit the many, establishing sustainable practices and creating a viable enterprise to support the communities of the Outer Hebrides.

    Provenance is the foundation to our story. Wool is sourced locally, selected with care and processed at the Mill with a high degree of quality control at every stage of production.