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Shetland Wool Adventures

Shetland Wool Adventures Journal - Volume 1

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  • Created and edited by Misa Hay, former editor of 60 North and the Shetland Wool Week Annual, Shetland Wool Adventures Journal is a celebration of all things Shetland!

    This limited collector’s edition is beautifully designed, presented and printed magazine which features gorgeous photography, knitting patterns, walks, interesting stories, interviews, recipes and some personal insights into the lives of the isles’ top knitters and craftspeople.

    "Shetland is a beautiful and inspiring place and the Journal aims to bring a little piece of our magical isles to your home.";

    There are six knitting projects including designs by Donna Smith, Ella Gordon and Wilma Malcolmson.

    By purchasing a copy of the Journal you are supporting Shetland small businesses, creative industries and local tourism.

    A Sheep Like No Other – Ronnie Eunson explains why organic Shetland wool is undergoing a major upsurge in demand.
    Putting Down Roots at Garths Croft Bressay – Chris Dyer tells us why he and his wife moved to Shetland and have never looked back.
    The Ocean’s Warp and Weft – Going back to a time with Carol Christiansen, when woven cloth was finished in the sea around Shetland.
    Jarlshof – A walk through 4000 years of Shetland history – One of our tour guides and an archaeologist, Deborah Lamb, breathes life into the stones.
    A Brief History of Lerwick – Local historian Douglas M. Sinclair travels back in time to delve into Lerwick’s history.
    The Venice of the North – Examining the historical glory of Lerwick’s lodberries.
    The Unique Charm of the Island Croft House – Mike Finnie looks at the most traditional Shetland habitation.
    A Place of Safety – Vivian Ross-Smith looks at belonging, place and comfort.
    Fair Isle Chairs – In 2018, Eve Eunson began an ambitious research project
    to survey the traditional chairs of Fair Isle.
    A Moment to Escape – Be inspired by the breath taking views from most stunning points throughout Shetland.
    On the Trail of Jimmy Perez – We’ll join Laurie Goodlad on a tourist experience dedicated to the famous Shetland TV series.
    Spinning a Web of Wonderful Wool – Jamieson’s of Shetland is an extraordinary place to visit, the only working spinning mill in the isles. Gill Nadin takes us on a tour.

    WALKS (by Gill Nadin)
    Discover St Ninian’s Isle – A Real Treasure
    A walk across the sea and into a magical island world full of secrets.
    Land of Fire – Volcano Walking in Eshaness
    A journey through some of Shetland’s most dramatic coastal scenery.
    Undiscovered Shetland – Deepdale
    A western wander, far from the madding crowd.

    Rhubarbaria: The Pinkest Shetland Book – Hayley Anderton celebrates a book about a plant that grows in the isles and is both tasty and plentiful.
    Food for Thought – Marian Armitage speaks about the past, the present and the future of food in the isles.
    Shetland Recipes – Marian Armitage, James Martin of Peerie Shop Café, Wilma Malcolmson and Speldiburn Café share some favourite recipes with us.

    Da Mirknen Mitts by Alison Rendall
    Hesti Hat by Ella Gordon
    Brough Shawl by Donna Smith
    Muckle Roe Gloves by Julie Dennison
    Nighthawk Skull Cap by Wilma Malcolmson
    Storm Dennis Snood by Misa Hay & Marie Bruhat

  • Paperback:
    164 pages

    24 x 17 x 5 cm

    Shetland Wool Adventures

  • Shetland Wool Adventures is a result of my passion for Shetland heritage, textiles, tourism and the place itself.

    My first encounter with Shetland was in 1999 when I joined a school exchange with Anderson High School and I immediately fell in love with these beautiful isles. In fact so much, that in 2004, after graduating from university, I decided to move here.

    My first job in Shetland was at the Shetland Islands Tourism Information Centre advising visitors on holiday activities and helping them to plan their stay. This was a fantastic hands-on experience where I learned so much about Shetland and local tourism sector.

    Between 2005 and 2008 I worked for VisitScotland as a Marketing Executive for the Shetland area. In 2009, after taking a short break when my son was born, I took on a new challenge when the local government had tasked us with setting up Promote Shetland – a destination management organisation with an aim to promote Shetland as a place to visit, live, work and do business with.

    I really enjoyed this job immensely as every day brought something completely different and we were continuously coming up with new innovative ideas for promoting Shetland, as well as developing new products, campaigns and projects.

    I am particularly proud of the 60 North magazine and Shetland Wool Week Annual which I developed and of course Shetland Wool Week which has grown into an internationally acclaimed event which celebrates Shetland’s unique textile heritage and rural farming. Amongst other brands or concepts I developed are A Taste of Shetland or Shetland Noir.

    My last job, before deciding to concentrate on Shetland Wool Adventures on a full-time basis, was the Heritage Manager at Shetland Amenity Trust which again was a very interesting role and I was responsible managing and developing the trust’s heritage service including the Shetland Museum and Archives. In June 2018 I left this post and embarked on my very own Shetland Wool Adventure.

    What fuels me every single day is the love for Shetland. I have a huge passion for the isles, Shetland wool, heritage, tourism and marketing and I feel very inspired by living here.

    It’s a real privilege to be able to live, work and bring up a family in such a wonderful, creative and inspiring place.

    So I hope I can share some of my Shetland passion and inspiration with you and perhaps you might join me on your own Shetland Wool Adventure and discover Shetland for yourself.

    Misa Hay