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Manos del Uruguay


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  • A spectacular artisanal top-dyed, hand spun, Aran weight yarn!

    To create its delicate twirled colour, the craftswomen of Manos first dye the gorgeous soft merino tops before spinning by hand on a spinning wheel.

    It's such an exciting yarn to work with - as well as the pretty, twirly colour changes, the handspun nature of the yarn gives you thick and thin areas so you end up with loads of texture from slubby and puffy to thin and shiny - you'll never be bored with Serpentina!

    Each skein is a work of art, and as with all Manos yarns, every skein of yarn carries the signature of the craftswoman who made it, together with the name of the locality and the non-profit cooperative where it was made. 

    Serpentina is aptly named for the paper streamers thrown at Carnival parties in South America!

  • Ingredients:
    100% superwash merino

    130m (142yd)


    5mm (US 8)
    16 sts = 10cm (4")

  • Manos del Uruguay was town in 1968 out of a simple question: How can we improve the life of Uruguayan rural women?

    Manos was founded to given women jobs that would allow them to provide for their families, be independent and self-develop while staying in their home villages and keeping their roots and traditional skills.

    40 years on, Manos has grown to be a very special non-profit organisation, owned by the women themselves, focused on a product that is sustainable, ethical and beautiful.  This was acknowledged by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) by welcoming Manos as members in 2009.

    Manos are almost unique for a commercial brand in that they still spin their yarns by hand.

    The secret to their incredible colours lies in the artisanal process of patient kettle dyeing in small pots using precise colour recipes and time honoured techniques, combined with 40 years of research and experimentation.  This process creates the subtle nuances in their striated colours as well as the fantastical shading in space-dyed yarns.  They dye the same skein up to 6 times to achieve the complexity of a true piece of art.  After dying, yarns are sun-dried.

    No two skeins are exactly the same and every skein carries the signature of the craftswoman who made it, together with the name of the locality and the cooperative where it was made. 

    The main content in their yarns is wool from their local sheep farmers.  Sheep in Uruguay graze freely on natural grass pastures and are mulling free.
    Knitting with Manos is a unique experience for the senses and the soul.