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PURE SILK by einrum

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  • This handmade and hand-dyed PURE SILK is the latest addition to einrum's gorgeous yarn collection.

    It has been einrum's dream has been to offer pure Mulberry silk to create with since the beginning of their yarn adventure.

    "We love combining the Mulberry silk with the wool, and we love it just as much when it is PURE."

    PURE SILK yarn is handmade and hand-dyed in India, exclusively for einrúm.
    It's available in limited quantities with small production runs every 6 months, so if you want it - don't wait too long!

    (Note that colours may variate between productions.)

    Silk is one of nature‘s strongest threads and is known for its softness and a special shimmer (caused by light reflecting from the prism formed fibres of the silk). Silk is naturally absorbent and wicks moisture away from the body. Garments made of silk keep an even temperature on the body, both in cold and warm climate.  

  • Ingredients:
    100% Pure Mulberry silk

    250m (273 yds)


    3mm (US 2.5): 10 cm makes approximately 28 sts.

  • by Kristin Brynja

    The Icelandic word “einrúm” to us signifies privacy for creation – a space that opens up in the mind of a creative person, a space that opens up between the individual who creates and the thing that is created.

    einrúm is a product of history and memories: a product of two different worlds, two different threads. The einrúm yarn is spun from Icelandic wool and Thai mulberry silk. I wanted to show the unique characteristics of the Icelandic wool give it a good boost and modernise it. Thai women in rural areas produce silk in their backyards for their own use and as extra income for the family. The two very different threads, wool and silk, are both natural products and both have insulating qualities

    Since I learned to knit I have been fascinated by the fact that you can „produce“ your garment yourself and at the same time enjoy every minute of the time that it takes to knit and subsequently wear and enjoy the garment for a long time.  It is fascinating to choose the project and the material, tackle the task of transferring an idea, which is on a printed knitting pattern, to a real thing made from the thread, find a peace of mind in the rhythm of hundreds of stitches forming the garment, take pleasure in having finished the project and having made a garment that you can proudly use or give to someone special. 

    This is the essence of einrúm design. These are patterns of simple, beautiful and modern garments where craftsmanship, pleasure and challenge are a part of the creating process which we hope you enjoy with us.