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Mrs Moon

Plump PomPoms

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Pavlova Pom
Creme Caramel Pom
Toffee Pom
Sugared Almond Pom
Peppermint Cream Pom
Bonbon Pom
Angelica Pom
Pistachio Ice Cream Pom
Gooseberry Fool Pom
Fondant Fancy Pom
Raspberry Ripple Pom
Rhubarb Crumble Pom
Marshmallow Pom
Damson Jam Pom
Earl Grey Pom
Darjeeling Pom
Lemon Curd Pom
Marmalade Pom
Pistachio-Bubblegum Shaggy
Pavlova-Fondant Shaggy
Marshmallow-Darjeeling Shaggy
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  • Wonderful handmade Plump Pom Poms made from gorgeously soft Plump Superchunky!

    They make the perfect addition to any hat (especially these) or on anything that needs a little brightening up!

    Plump Superchunky is a very special, rare yarn and is unbelievably soft and luxurious.  Made from the highest quality, sustainable, superfine merino and baby alpaca fibres.

    The yarn is roving in nature, so it makes wonderful pompoms! 

  • Ingredients:
    80% superfine merino
    20% baby alpaca

    Approx 40g

    Super Bulky/Jumbo

  • Mrs Moon Yarns

    We believe that if you are spending your time knitting or crocheting then you should use the best possible fibres for your creations.  Our Plump and Plump dk yarns are made from the highest quality, ethically sourced, superfine merino and baby alpaca which makes them incredible soft for all the right reasons. 

    When we started out as a yarn store in SW London, we quickly worked out what our customers and we wanted when it came to handknitting yarns. Simple luxury.  A yarn that is natural, soft, wears well, is responsibly sourced and comes in beautiful colours!

    And so our first yarn Plump was born.  The fibres used in Plump and Plump dk tick all of the boxes above.  And we have very carefully chosen our colour palette so that you really can't go wrong when deciding which one to use.  The colours are all named after some of our favourite sweet things....  so you might like Fondant Fancy, Pistachio Ice Cream or Gooseberry Fool.  

    Ethical Provenance of Mrs Moon Yarns

    The tops are from non-mulesed Merino sheep from ethical farms, all the wool is shorn and not a bi-product of the animal skin industry as the sheep are kept fro wool production alone.  The alpaca is also shorn, the animals being kept for fibre production only.

    And Designs

    We also specialise in simple, stunning knitting and crochet designs.  We love to mix colours and textures and put modern twists on old classics. 

    All our designs tend to be reasonably easy.  We'll always give you an idea of the skill level, especially if it's easy enough for a total beginner.