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Swaddle your babes in the snuggliest of fibres.  We know how precious your bundle is - only the best will do!  Brand new humans are so much more sensitive than their weathered caretakers.  Bathe them with the love in every stitch from your handmade item.  We promise you they will feel it!  

Baby wool is softer and less fibrous than other wools. If you can, go for organic and those that contain non-metallic dyes.

Babies cannot regulate their own body temperature the way you do and they can lose or gain heat very quickly.  Wool absorbs moisture, regulates temperature and is breathable.

Wool pajamas mean better sleep. A study of sleep clothing and bedding in wool, cotton, and polyester showed that those who wore wool either in warmer or cooler weather had less sleep disturbance than those who slept in or on cotton or polyester. (Mirim Shin, “The effect on sleep of fabric for sleeping apparel and bedding,” PhD diss., University of Sydney, 2014)


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