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Blue Sky Fibers

Organic Cotton Printed

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Cottonwood 2201
Jack Frost 2200
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  • Inspired by the everyday - from imprints on seashells to grains of sand and slow moving colours.

    Made from the same favourite Organic Cotton Worsted, Printed Cotton combines an ink process with an artisan hand to create these subtle shifts in colour. And just like the tapestry of patterns found in nature, no two hanks are quite the same!

    The randomness of the low impact dye process creates a unique yarn that doesn't pool or stripe - ideal for both small and large projects!

    This cotton is very, very soft thanks to its loose 2-ply twist, and because Blue Sky Fibers only source the best quality ingredients for their yarns.  Very unusually for a cotton, it feels bouncy and squishy (like wool), and comes in a heart-thumping array of bright, energetic colours. 

    And it's Certified Organic, so it's perfect for baby beanies, or scarves for a sweetheart! Also check out the Crosslake Cowl Pattern, and the Spring Hill Sweater!

    (NB - Although it's technically a Worsted weight yarn, it knits up more like a Heavy Worsted or Aran.)

  • Ingredients:
    100% Certified Organic Cotton

    137m (150yd)


    Worsted  (although it's technically a Worsted weight yarn, it knits up more like a Heavy Worsted or Aran)
    4.5 - 5.5 mm (US 7 - 9)
    16 - 20 sts = 10cm (4")

  • Synonymous with high quality, top notch standards and luxurious yarns, Blue Sky Fibers are now celebrating 21 years in the business!  We are so happy to stock part of their ever-expanding collection of natural fibers and patterns designed to inspire, excite and delight.  We will be varying the ranges offered through the seasons, so if you're a Blue Sky fan, watch this space (and sign up for the Newsletter!).

    OUR STORY by Blue Sky Fibers

    Creating consciously crafted fibers and patterns is more than just our focus, it’s our passion. Ever since we started with a small herd of alpacas in our backyard, we’ve been committed to making yarn in the best way possible to show off its natural beauty.

    And while our exclusive offerings have grown beyond alpaca to include wool, organic cotton and silk, our desire for getting makers of all stripes excited about natural fibers and knitting hasn’t changed one bit. It all winds back to the yarn, ensuring that every precious, handmade hank is lovingly filled with endless inspiration.

    Blue Sky Fibers started as a pet project, of sorts. Shortly after graduating college, owner/founder Linda Niemeyer's curious preoccupation with Alpacas led to her buying one. Soon Linda found herself with a lot of yarn on hand. She took it to a nearby yarn store, which was willing to buy and sell it. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Today Blue Sky Fibers is known worldwide for its consciously crafted collection of high-quality natural fibers and patterns. One can only imagine how things might have turned out differently had Linda been obsessed with giraffes instead.