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Little Beau Sheep

Orange Scented Vinegar

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  • We love this Orange Scented Vinegar to add some vim into our domestic chores, but vinegar can also useful to set bleeding dyes on some hand-dyed yarns!

    If you want fuller feeling woollies try adding Orange Scented Vinegar into the final rinse in your machine or during hand-washing. The acid in the vinegar won’t harm your jumpers but will dissolve the alkalis in the detergent that can flatten the pile in wool. It also acts a softener and reduces static cling too. Lovely.

    Little Beau Sheep's Orange Scented Vinegar is a fragrant force in your cleaning armoury! Orange Scented Vinegar has been blended to clean and deodorise in one easy go. Chemical-free and in a recyclable aluminium bottle, it’s the latest addition to the Little Beau Sheep range and is a great way to experience the virtues of vinegar in and around your home.

    Here are some other uses for this lovely stuff:
    Carpet care: if you’ve given up on ever removing that coffee/tea/wine stain from your carpet, give this a go: mix two tablespoons of Orange Scented Vinegar with a 3 tablespoons of kitchen salt into a paste.Massage this into the stain and leave it to dry until the next day when you can just vacuum it up – and voila! It’s a powerful potion so you may want to test it first on a piece of carpet that’s out of sight.

    Window cleaning: now that the sun’s shining (well hopefully) it’s time to get rid of the streaks and grime that have taken up residence on your windows. A great way to do this and leave a glistening glow is to use Orange Scented Vinegar spray to squirt and wipe away with a clean dry cloth. Not only will your windows sparkle but it will also leave your room smelling gorgeous too.
    Towel treating: have your towels ever gone a bit stiff and scratchy? This can be due to a build up of detergent clogging up the fluffy fibres. But worry not. Simply chuck the towels into the wash with 50ml Orange Scented Vinegar in the softener drawer (no washing powder, liquid or gel) and dry in the usual way.

    Car hero: It’s something that we never want to think about. We’ve all been there on that car journey over the rolling hills when the kids don’t give us quite enough warning! Don’t let it ruin the rest of your holidays. Once cleaned, spray with Orange Scented Vinegar to remove lingering odours. Pheww!

    Pet patrol: we love our cats and dogs, right? But from time to time, they can cause a stain or two, especially when they’re being house-trained. To clean up after the little darlings try blotting up any dampness then treating the affected area with Orange Scented Vinegar. Dab up any dampness then shake on a little baking soda, leave it to dry and vacuum up the next day.

    Dishwasher de-grease: is there anything more frustrating than emptying the dishwasher to find the contents streaky and stained? If that’s a fate that’s ever befallen your crockery then try this trick to de-gunk your dishwasher: simply fill the tablet container with Orange Scented Vinegar. Put the (empty) dishwasher on its normal cycle (without any tablets or heat dry setting) and the vinegar will mix with the water to deliver a deep clean.

    Keep whites right: love wearing whites but hate it when they yellow? Me too. So here’s what I recommend: soak the afflicted garments overnight in a solution of Orange Scented Vinegar, then wash in your usual way. Warning: you may need sunglasses your whites will be so bright!

    Shoes like new: removing water and salt stains from leather shoes can seem nigh on impossible – even after a polish, stains seem to resurface in an indestructible kind of way. A quick spray with Orange Scented Vinegar and wipe with a damp cloth, however, will help tame those stains and keep shoes like new. Don’t forget to finish up with a quick polish!

    Deodorant marks parked: we’ve all done it. Straight from the bathroom to the wardrobe and before you know it dreaded deodorant marks are on your fave dark coloured top. All is not lost, however. Just dab at those stains with a clean cloth spritzed with Orange Scented Vinegar until they’re gone – until the next time it happens!


  • We knew we had to carry this incredible range of natural, British products as soon as we tried them!

    Award-winning Little Beau Sheep is the brain-child of Sarah Turner, who is as big on the magical properties of natural lanolin as we are. We adore her lanolin balm, which works better than anything we've ever tried on dried/irritated/chapped skin. 

    And the dryer balls and soaps are out of this world amazing!

    "Using British wool, I hand-make a range of natural and novel gifts and goodies here in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

    From dryer balls for a faster more fragrant tumble-dry, to felted soaps for an invigorating bath or shower, there’s a whole flock of fabulous stuff to choose from. Why not take a look and see what takes your fancy?"

    Flying the flag for British Wool

    Sarah is a proud supporter of the Rare Breed Survival Trust and The Campaign for Wool. Described as ‘a miraculous material’ by none less than Prince Charles, British wool has an amazing history, especially in her native Yorkshire.