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Kylie and the Machine

"Me Made - Definition" Woven Labels 6 Pack

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What does 'Me Made' really mean in the context of making your own clothes? Well, we have created a definition that sums it up!

Me Made

[mē mād] adjective

The act of making something for oneself and is therefore a statement one makes when completing a project. 

    • High Definition woven labels for ultra crisp graphics

    • Oeko-Tex certified, polyester and rayon threads

    • Washable, durable and non-scratchy!

    • 30mm x 32mm

  • Pack of 6 labels with a cream background and black text

Label type:

Centre fold

How to attach:

This centre fold label is ideally sewn into the garment (either inside or displayed visibly) by inserting into a seam allowance or facing.