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Moorit - Issue 5 Autumn/Winter 2023

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  • Finally! A super classy magazine for crocheters!!In Moorit's words "an antidote to the dearth of print publications made especially for crocheters" - gotta love that! (Read more in "The Brand" tab...)

    Moorit is a celebration of our love for crochet... for its innate beauty, for its versatility, and for its suitability to all types of garments and accessories.

    The designs showcase a wide, but in no way exhaustive, range of techniques, including Tunisian, tapestry and intarsia colourwork, front/back posts stitches, and amigurumi.

    Issue 5: the much anticipated ‘Highland Retreat’ edition
    Naturally, we just had to find a way to celebrate the beautiful country of Scotland that we call home, and here's the perfect theme: Highland Retreat.

    Featuring 12 beautiful crochet patterns, and 1 knitting project, Issue 5 is a lovely little ode to time well-spent in the Highlands. 

    Tall pines and taller hills, stony crags, dry heather, trickling streams and thundering falls, cold nights, crackling fireplaces, cosy under a tartan blanket, a steaming mug of tea, twinkling whisky tumblers, good food and better company.

    You will find jumpers perfect for cosy evenings on the couch, hats and mittens for adventurous wintry walks, and shawls and cowls to top it all off. This issue also includes one menswear and one gender neutral jumper.

    With designs by: Alyson Chu, Erin Ellis, Jessica Khochare, Ines Rodgers, Inyoung Kim, Jeanette Sloan, Lydia Niven, Maria Jęczmyk, Fay Dashper-Hughes, Robyn Berry, Smitha Crasta, Sònia Torner

    And other contributions from: Gaelle Chassery, Gullet Farm

    Every print copy comes with a download code which can be redeemed on Ravelry or

    A4 size, 130 pages

    Moorit is an independent crochet magazine based in Scotland and run by Alyson Chu. Launched in 2021, it was imagined as an antidote to the dearth of print publications made especially for crocheters.

    Focussing on wearable, modern garments and accessories made in natural fibres, Moorit is a high-end craft magazine with true indie spirit.

    Being in a country of dramatic landscapes and long dark winter nights, our location encourages us to embrace the warmth of wool. Scotland also serves as a wonderful backdrop and we draw design inspiration from the beautiful textures and colours of the nature and built environment surrounding us.