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Tip Sleeve for 3" & 2" Tips

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This tip sleeve will hold 10 sets of Chiaogoo Shorties 2″ & 3″ (5 & 8cm) interchangeable tips. Each pocket is labelled and the snap closure securely keeps the tips in place.

These are the same inners as you'll find in the Small Chiaogoo Twist Shortie Interchangeable Set (Red) and the Large Chiaogoo Twist Shortie Interchangeable Set (Blue).

Small takes tips from 2mm - 3.25mm (US 0 - 3) (like the Red Set)
Large takes tips from 3.5mm - 5mm (US 4 - 8) (like the Blue Set)

Strong and sturdy, made to meet the high standards of Chiaogoo.