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LYKKE Interchangeable 3.5" Tips - CYPRA Copper

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The tips in these new sets are made fromPURE COPPER, and they are much more than just beautiful!

Copper's healing and health properties are very well documented. As an essential mineral for us humans, handling and using these needles will result in the same benefit ofslow copper absorption as you'd get from wearing copper jewelry.

It’s been claimed that headaches, arthritis and joint pain can be effectively treated with the aid of copper or brass jewellery. 

These needles arenot coated or sealed in any way, so you'll get the full benefits of handling pure copper. This also means that your tips will develop a beautiful patina over time. Full care instructions are included in your set.

These tips pairs beautifully with the new clear memory-free, swivel cords which makes knitting on circular needles even more pleasurable than before, but also fit regular LYKKE cords and Knitpro cords too.

All LYKKE needles have both metric and US sizes etched on the needles to ensure long-term readability.

We also stock individual pairs of 5" tips, and the gorgeous, complete sets in 5" and 3.5".

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