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Lyn Roberts

Leather Single Crochet Hook Cases

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  • These beautiful genuine leather cases are perfect for storing your Sterling Silver Crochet Hooks!

    Choose from 5 rich colours. Each Crochet Hook Case has been handmade in the UK from high quality leather.

    Unfortunately since Lyn's sudden and tragic passing earlier this year, this is the last chance to own one of her beautiful pieces.

  • As the only maker of Sterling Silver Crochet Hooks, Stitch Markers and Double Pointed Needles in the UK, Lyn Roberts has pleasure in being able to combine her love of all things "Wool" with her love of Silver.

    Every truly unique and inspirational piece is designed and made by Lyn in her workshop in Pembrokeshire. She has had a love affair with jewellery of all types and with silver in particular for as long as she can remember and loves the discipline of working in precious metals. 

    "Sometimes it's pure design, allowing the metal to follow architectural shapes which can be stark and controlled. In the next moment I can allow the romance and mystery of precious and semi-precious natural stones enhance a design, and indeed lead the design itself making the metal secondary to the stone."