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Biches & Bûches

Le Petit Lambswool

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Le Petit Dark Burgundy Grey
Le Petit Dark Red
Le Petit Medium Red
Le Petit Very Light Pink
Le Petit Light Pink
Le Petit Norwegian Red
Le Petit Orange Red
Le Petit Dark Orange Grey
Le Petit Soft Orange Brown
Le Petit Red Brown
Le Petit Dark Red Brown
Le Petit Light Yellow
Le Petit Mustard Yellow
Le Petit Dark Gold
Le Petit Medium Green Grey
Le Petit Dark Green Grey
Le Petit Light Green
Le Petit Spring Green
Le Petit Very Light Green
Le Petit Forest Green
Le Petit Dark Blue Green
Le Petit Dark Green
Le Petit Dark Blue Turquoise
Le Petit Turquoise
Le Petit Very Light Blue
Le Petit Medium Blue
Le Petit Dark Blue
Le Petit Dark Blue Black
Le Petit Dark Violet Blue
Le Petit Light Pink Violet
Le Petit White
Le Petit Off White
Le Petit Grey Beige
Le Petit Beige
Le Petit Grey Brown
Le Petit Dark Grey Brown
Le Petit Light Grey
Le Petit Medium Grey
Le Petit Dark Grey
Le Petit Very Dark Grey
Le Petit Black
Le Petit Candy
Le Petit Green Pink Turquoise
Le Petit Grey Melange
Le Petit Light Peach
Le Petit Dark Rose Grey
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  • This beautiful warm yarn is pure lambswool from a family-owned fiber mill in Scotland. It is at once rustic and soft and dyed in the most beautiful shades!

    The thread is thin and sturdy, and blooms beautifully upon blocking. This yarn is first dyed, and then carded and spun. This process means that the yarn is slightly heathered and presents tiny "flickers of colour", creating depth within the knitted fabric.

    Each ball band is handwritten by Caroline. A beautiful quality, presented in a way that feels like home.

    Lovingly featured in both Laine and Making magazines, it's no wonder that knitters/crocheters who have experienced this yarn go back to it time and again.

    You know when you get a yarn in your hands that just feels so good? That energy? That's this yarn. It's soooo good.
  • Ingredients:
    100% Pure Lambswool

    248m (270 yds)


    Light Fingering
    3 - 3.5mm / (US 2½ - 4)

  • the little story: when starting to think about a woollen company, Astrid was in search of the yarn she wanted to knit her designs with and offer in the shop.

    She was looking for something rustic, that reminded her of a trip to Norway in 1995, discovering the pure wool from their Norwegian sheep, as well as her Scandinavian roots, a yarn that would make a sturdy sweater, to be worn through the years. and that rustic yarn would have to be blended with a soft feeling, that felt good knitting with, and of course, that felt good wearing.

    for the heartful moments of going slow
    putting thoughts and feelings into a single stitch
    being part of making one's wardrobe 
    and being part of something bigger 

    Biches & Bûches are a Scandinavian family settled in France.

    Their all-natural wool comes from a family-owned fibre mill in Scotland.

    Astrid designs garments of wool with a deep love for sweaters and cozy shawls. Biches and Buches describes their yarn as "A beautiful quality, presented in a way that feels like home."

    We are in love with their gorgeous yarns and designs. Seriously can't get enough of their wonderful, homey pinterest board.