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Lantern Moon

Lantern Moon - Destiny Fixed Circular Needles

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For fans of luxury wooden needles, you can't beat Lantern Moon’s destiny circular knitting needles.

These needles are made of Ebony, one of the world’s most valuable woods because it's extremely dense and hard, making it highly durable. Unlike other woods, Ebony's denseness allows it to be polished to a very high degree of smoothness.

So, these needles have all the strength and stability of metal, but with the warmth and lightness of wood.

The "liquid silk finish" on these lightweight fixed circular needles, plus the 24K gold plating on the high quality brass connector, guarantees snag-free even-glide knitting.

And what tips them (pun intended 😬) into superstar status is their fabulous nylon-coated-steel cord, which (like Chiaogoo) ensures no twist and lies flat when stored. No curly plastic here!

The tips are perfectly sharp, in our opinion. Sharp enough to glide under your yarn, but not so sharp as to hurt your fingers. The tips are meticulously honed and shaped to work well with every type of yarn. We find them to be the fastest of all the wooden needles we have tried.

These needles are very special, and heirloom quality. We think you should give them a try.

Need a case to organise your fixed circular needles? This one is perfect.

And don't be afraid to try their Interchangeables too - they are excellent, and the joins are super reliable.

Needle Conversion Chart & Yarn Gauge Info Page

(The Indian Ebony wood used to manufacture Lantern Moon Needles and Crochet Hooks is legally sourced from government authorised wood stockyards.)