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Laine Magazine - Issue 21

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  • Pre-Order now for 17th May Release! (Please note that all items ordered with this magazine will be shipped together on 15th May.)
    It’s time for Laine's stunning summer issue! Laine 21, Harvest Sun, is filled with beautiful and practical summer knits featuring interesting stitch patterns, engaging techniques and lovely details. The serene photos depict a balmy summer day in the countryside, amidst blooming gardens and golden, sun-drenched fields.

    Issue 21, Summer 2024, includes:

    • 11 knitting patterns (both charts and written instructions provided): 4 sweaters, 2 cardigans, 2 tops, 2 shawls and 1 pair of socks

    • an interview with Kendall Ross (@id.knit.that), who has turned her knitting into a unique art form. Kendall’s wearable art pieces draw inspiration from her experiences as a young American woman.

    • an article about the Irish knitting education initiative Wool in School, which is committed to increasing awareness of wool and teaching children to fall in love with knitting

    • Jeanette Sloan’s column Fibre Talk, where she chats with April Tang, the co-founder of Shangdrok, a Taiwanese/Tibetan company specialising in traditional hand-spun yarn and handmade felt

    • Five Ways by our regular writer Päivi Kankaro, where we learn about the not-so-hidden power of colours and how to use them in our knitting projects

    • Where I Knit: A regular piece that pictures people knitting in their favourite spot. In this issue, we meet Emilia Bergoglio, who knits in the park of a shrine near their home in Tokyo, Japan

    • Seasonal recipes to inspire your summer cooking

    • Book reviews

    Designers featured in this issue:Fiona Alice, Jenny Ansah, Audrey Borrego, Soraya García, KaoriKatsurada, Irene Lin,FaïzaMebazaa, Paula Pereira, Julia Wilkens and Griselda Zárate. 

    Check out our Instagram Live recording for our top Yarn Recommendations!

    Print only. No digital download code available.

    Printed in Estonia.

  • Here are our top yarn recommendations for each pattern in this publication! Also, check out our Instagram Live which goes through each one too.

    Fiona Alice – Imatra

    Fiona Alice – Imatra Cardigan

    This cardigan is knitted in pieces and features 4 × 2 ribbing and stockinette stitch. The separate pieces allow the knitter the freedom of choosing how they would like to colour-block their own cardigan. 

    Yarn Recommendations
    Lalland DK by Di Gilpin
    Cautiva by Wooldreamers
    Pudding by Mrs Moon
    Skinny Andean Wool by KAOS
    Isager Soft Fine
    Fluff by Walcot Yarns
    Nikkim by Vinnis

    Jenny Ansah – Tsinnia

    Jenny Ansah – Tsinnia

    Tsinnia has a triangular shape with an i-cord on the edges. It is knitted from one end to the other, first with increases and then with decreases.

    Yarn Recommendations
    Merino Cloud by Artyarns
    Noëlle by Lang
    Woolstok Light by Blue Sky Fibres
    Opus by Walcot Yarns

    Audrey Borrego – Lucienne

    Audrey Borrego – Lucienne
    Knit top down, with a slight boat-neck shape and a cropped body and sleeves. As most of the construction set-up is done outside of the lace, you can easily adapt the pattern to any desired length.

    Yarn Recommendations
    Isager Soft Fine
    Lalland DK by Di Gilpin
    Suave by Pascuali
    Metalico by Blue SKy FIbers
    Rustic Heather Sport by Lichen & Lace
    Cautiva by Wooldreamers

    Soraya García – Fossora

    Soraya García – Fossora

    Back piece is worked first, and after that, stitches for the front are picked up from the back yoke. The top is finished by sewing the back and front panels together.

    Yarn Recommendations

    Organic Cotton by Krea Deluxe (2 strands together)
    Coast by Holst (2 strands together)
    Alpaca 2 by Isager (2 strands together)
    Sabri by Illimani (2 strands together)
    Merilin by Isager (2 strands together)
    Einrum Lamb (2 strands together)
    Santi by Illimani

    Kaori Katsurada – Speculaas

    Kaori Katsurada – Speculaas

    Knitted from the toe up, and the heel is made with a heel flap. As the socks are packed with pattern, even a peek of them showing through short boots will make a lovely sartorial statement!

    Yarn Recommendations
    Choose from our Sock Yarns. Our fav is Amble by The Fibre Co.

    Irene Lin – Quince

    Irene Lin – Quince

    Quince is a top-down sweater inspired by flowers: silk mohair alone for the yoke, with a strand of Merino added for the rest of the sweater.

    Yarn Recommendations:
    Lace weight Silk Mohair with:
    Organic Soft Merino by KAOS (pair with Brushed Alpaca by KAOS)
    Le Petit Lambswool by Biches & Buches
    Merino Cloud
    by Artyarns
    Perennial by Kelboiurne Woolens
    Almost any of our Fingering weight yarns would work well!

    Faïza Mebazaa – Facette

    Faïza Mebazaa – Facette

    The deep raglan starts at the middle of the shoulder for a wide neck­line. The vertical accent lines are embroidered after the sweater is complete. 

    Yarn Recommendations
    Sabri by Illimani
    Balayage by Pascuali
    La Madrilana by dLana
    Eco Llama by Illimani
    Le Petit Lambswool by Biches & Buches
    Holst Supersoft

    Paula Pereira – Casadinho 


    Paula Pereira – Casadinho
    Paula Pereira – Casadinho

    Both pieces are knitted from the bottom up. 

    Yarn Recommendations
    Le Gros Silk & Mohair by Biches & Buches
    by Illimani
    Feli by Illimani
    Isager Soft Fine
    Haunui Silk by Noro
    Woolstok Worsted by Blue Sky FIbers

    Julia Wilkens – Ziggy

    Julia Wilkens – Ziggy

    Julia Wilkens’ Ziggy shawl is worked in garter stitch, using short rows to form triangles. The triangles are lined by fringes of loop stitch that form a zigzag pattern on the garter surface. 

    Yarn Recommendations:
    Spinni by Isager
    Einrum Lamb
    Meadow by The Fibre Co
    Highland by Isager
    Habu Cashmere Air

    Griselda Zárate – Brisa al Atardecer

    Griselda Zárate – Brisa al Atardecer

    Top down with two yarns held together. The V-neck is shaped with increases and an i-cord edging is applied at the same time. 

    Yarn Recommendations:
    Isager Tweed + Trio 1 by Isager
    Rustic Heather Sport by Lichen & Lace + Alpaca 1 by Isager
    Japansk Bomuld by Isager + Silk Mohair
    Or, on it's own:
    Lore by The Fibre Co
    Camel DK by Pascuali
    Vaya by Lang
    Uist Wool DK

  • Laine is a high-quality Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine for knit folks. We cherish natural fibres, slow living, local craftsmanship and beautiful, simple things in life. Our intention is to inspire you to gather and share, to be part of a community of like-minded knitters, makers and thinkers from near and far. Knitting is more than just knit, knit, purl. It is a feeling.

    Laineincludes patterns from the leading knitwear designers, insightful, long-format stories from the world of wool, interviews, exciting travel articles, seasonal recipes and strong, visual storytelling.