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Kokon Kidsilk Mohair

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  • Our hand-dyed Kokon Kidsilk Mohair is a stunning lace-weight silk mohair spun from 72% mulesing-free South African Kid Mohair and 28% Silk. 

    Absolutely stunning used alone or held alongside another yarn!

  • Ingredients:
    72% Kid Mohair
    28% Silk

    210m (230 yards)

    50g / 25g


  • Kokon is a luxury hand dyed yarn brand designed by Michelle du Plessis and based in the Netherlands. Michelle strives to bring you unique, beautiful yarns that have been ethically produced with due consideration and respect for fellow man, animals and the environment.

    Kokon Bleu yarn comes from high quality Argentinan mulesing free Merino sheep and is uniquely hand dyed by Michell