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Knitting Needles & Chopsticks by Isager

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    KNITTING NEEDLES & CHOPSTICKS is a book about knitted scarves and shawls in combination with the Japanese cuisine!

    Jens Rahbek Hansen was trained as a chef in Japan and his mother is Japanese. Jens himself, his 93-years-old mother and his daughter served as models in the book.

    The knitted shawls and scarves are designed by Marianne Isager who also has lived in Japan. In her designs, Marianne has focused on making both sides of the model equally beautiful, so the designs have no wrong side or right side.

    The patterns are named after Japanese cities.

    Pernille de Fine Lützhøft, editor of the book, tells how corona has effected our lives in 2020, allowing us more time and mental resources for homely activities as cooking and knitting.

    The book contains 10 food recipes and 11 knitting patterns for shawls and scarves. 

  • Paperback:
    96 pages

    23 x 27 x 0.9 cm

    Isager Aps (Jan 2021)

  • The Danish company Isager has since 1977 been supplying patterns and quality yarns made from natural fibres, both known and loved by knitters the world over. The yarns and patterns are sold in selected shops in Denmark and internationally. The founder of Isager, Marianne Isager, and her daughter and co owner of the company Helga Isager, are behind a line of popular knitting books.

     With her brand Amimono, Helga Isager has since 2005 been part of renewing knitting both as a craft and as a fashion phenomenon. Her ability to place traditional knitting techniques in a contemporary context paired with her curious exploration of the never ending possibilities hidden in a ball of yarn and a set of knitting needles, has evoked a response particularly with the younger audience. Throughout the years Helga Isager has given numerous classes in both Denmark and Sweden, just as she has worked as a guest teacher at Skals – Højskolen for Design og Håndarbejde.

    Helga Isager is the author of several knitting books published in both Denmark and internationally. In 2013 the Swedish publishers Natur & Kultur (Nature & Culture) published her book Finstickat. Today the book is translated into several languages.

    Marianne Isager has, throughout the last 40 years, been at the forefront of Danish knit design, and through her extensive production of patterns and books she has been instrumental in maintaining the continuous development of the old craft. Marianne Isager is also known for her instructive courses, lectures, her numerous exhibitions and classes and her workshop business. The former often have their background in her inspirational travels to Latin America, Asia and Africa, and in her work as an NGO in countries as different as Peru, Nepal and Greenland. In addition to this Marianne Isager is the author of a string of inspiring knitting books, published both in Denmark and internationally.

    Today Marianne Isager lives half of the year in Japan, where she resides in Tokyo. The other half she spends in Tversted, the area in North Jutland where she grew up. Here she also runs her popular summer workshops.