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Habu Textiles

Habu Cashmere Air (NS-84)

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  • This is absolutely a rare cashmere, which has almost no twist. In order for this yarn to not break, it has been specially wrapped with a fine water soluble vinyl.

    This vinyl will hold the yarn without breaking until you are finished creating the fabric. Once you are done, take it to the sink and wash away the vinyl in running warm water - it will take a while, so keep agitating and rinsing. (Please do not let the fabric sit in standing water or the vinyl will adhere back to the fabric.)

    Now you are done - Congratulations! - you have world's lightest, softest fabric!

    You can also use this cobweb-thin yarn double stranded to knit a gossamer feather shawl. If you're up for it, it’s an incredible cashmere!

    And for you weavers out there, it's a fairly easy yarn to handle as a weft.

  • Ingredients:
    100% Cashmere

    869m (950yd)

    14g / 0.5oz

    Super Lace / Cobweb
    suggested epi for weaving: 60 & more
    suggested needle size for knitting: us no. 0-3

  • Why?

    Do we bother to take so much time and labor... actually weaving or knitting when there are so many good machine woven fabrics or knit wears? They are durable, inexpensive...


    Because we must stubbornly believe all the care our actual hands give to each and every process of making a length of fabric creates something more than just a "look."

    It may be subtle, but you know when you wear and touch. You know when that fabric ages with you. You feel the thought of that person, who made it for you.

    We carry “slow” materials, not flashy, not necessary pretty, not cheap, not easy, but those that will give a soul to the fabrics.

    We would like to offer you the best and unique, rarely available. It took us many trips and years to discover & cultivate them. You do not have to do that. They are here.

    I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.