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Guys Knit: The Instruction Manual - Sockmatician

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  • By Nathan Taylor, aka Sockmatician
    Published by Haynes Manuals

    THE BEST LEARN TO KNIT BOOK OUT THERE!! Hands down! This is the one we recommend you get!

    Gone are the days of knitting being only for your Granny, knitting you jumpers that your eight-year-old self was forced to wear under duress. In an ever-increasingly digital world, people are tired of staring at screens all day, with nothing to show for their endeavours. They are turning more and more to traditional crafts - knitting being by far the most popular - as a way of having something tangible to do.

    However, the perception of knitting is still very much that it is a female pursuit. Not so at all. The author wants to show that the ability to create complex and beautiful objects from two sticks and some string is actually incredibly well suited to the traditional `male-brain' mentality - repetitive actions, mathematical formulas, complicated patterns - all things that the male brain is perfectly wired for.

    The aim of this manual will not only be to provide a beginners' guide to anyone who thinks they'd like to give knitting a go, but also to challenge the perceptions of who knitters are - to break apart those dusty stereotypes, and show, once and for all, that knitting is in no way a gendered pastime, but is instead, a universal hobby for anyone interested in working with their hands, and creating warm and practical things to wear, share or even sell.

    Full of colour step-by-step photos, along with QR code links to videos - this manual will explain everything the beginner needs to know.

  • Paperback:
    192 pages

    15 x 2.2 x 21 cm

    Haynes Manuals

  • Nathan Taylor, known in the knitting world as ‘Sockmatician’ has been knitting seriously since 2011 and has had his patterns published in a number of magazines.

    In 2017, Nathan was named one of the recipients of
    Knit Now!magazine’s Knitter of the Year awards, in the Online Innovation category. Nathan hosts a popular knitting podcast on YouTube, and has many video tutorials available to help with some of the more unusual techniques used in his patterns.

    He can be found teaching at yarn shops, knitting retreats and yarn shows all over the country, and in October 2017 taught at the prestigious Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival in New York.