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Geo-Metry Cocoon Shoulder Strap

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  • Leather shoulder strap for Geo-Metry Cocoons.

    Limited number available!!

    Min. Strap Length: 87 cm
    Max. Strap Length: 106 cm

    Also, check out the stunning Inner Bags to complete the set! 

    Handmade in vegetal tanned leather in Geo-metry's own little studio in Denmark.

    Note: These items are made slowly and lovingly handmade to order, so when they are gone, it might be a little wait for the next batch.

  • Size:
    Min. Strap Length: 87 cm
    Max. Strap Length: 106 cm

    All leather straps are in vegetal tanned leather.

    Leather Care:
    Over time the leather (tan) will richer and deeper in colour and tone.
    Apply an impermeable spray, to protect your item from stains.

  • From their small studio in Denmark, where most products are slowly hand-made, Geo-metry is rooted in the Scandinavian Design Spirit with its simplicity, aesthetic and functionality.

    True believers in "slow fashion" Geo-metry implement a strategy of keeping stock levels to an absolute minimum and reducing any unnecessary waste of resources.

    Their goal is to offer useful and beautiful products for makers and creative souls.