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FORTE SWIV360 Interchangeable Cables

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BRAND NEW SWIV360 interchangeable cablesfrom Chiaogoo! 

These silvery cables have the exact same properties as the amazing red and blue TWIST cables which we all alove BUT with an added swivel feature!

This feature has been requested for knitters for a while, and Chiaogoo have really delivered.

The cables are ingeniously engineered with a steel core so they have no memory. Twist them and they'll always go back to their original straight shape! No frustrating kinks or bends.

We find these cables to be “softer” than the red twist cables.

We love how don't get kinked up or get weighed down with your knitting.  Stitches always flow smoothly onto your needles without any bends or corners to negotiate.

NOTE: As with other Chiaogoo cables, these cables are available with three different connectors depending on the needle size you wish to use. 

For 4" and 5" Tips:

  • SMALL for 2.75mm to to 5mm needles
  • LARGE for 5.5mm upwards

For 3" Tips:

  • SMALL for 3.5mm - 5mm needles
  • LARGE for 5.5mm - 10mm needles

(They can be used with either TWIST or SPIN Chiaogoo Tips.)