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Foolproof Color Wheel Set by Katie Fowler

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  • Take the guesswork out of choosing colour combos!

    Looking for the perfect colour combination? The Foolproof Color Wheel Set will help you pick a pleasing palette, every time!

    Die-cut “discs” and a printed color wheel illustrate ten color configurations, including analogous, triadic, and split complementary.

    The color wheel and viewfinder discs are easy and fun to use and come packed in a handy folder for storage.

    Find hundreds of color combinations that work together effortlessly—a must-have tool for any artist, crafter, quilter, sewist, or DIYer.

    Total tonal harmony! Expand your knowledge of color relationships
    Choose from ten incredible color schemes: direct complement, triadic, split complementary, tetradic, double complementary, double double complementary, double split complementary, double triadic, color sextet, and analogous.

  • Format:
    Folder with 10 color wheels

    8.5" x 8.5"

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