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West Yorkshire Spinners

Fleece - Natural Home

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  • Fleece – Natural Home
    A new pattern book containing six homeware projects by Jenny Watson.

    Fleece is the foundation of our story; yarn at its purest and an example of the incredible diversity and quality of 100% British wool.

    This collection highlights two of West Yorkshire Spinners British fleeces: Bluefaced Leicester, famous for its strong, lustrous, beautifully soft wool, and Jacobs, known for its natural colour palette and lofty warmth. 

    Designed by Jenny Watson
    “I designed this collection to showcase the very best of British fibres and their superb stitch definition. These elegant and cosy homewares were a joy to design and each one highlights the unique characteristics of these special yarns. I hope you enjoy creating these timeless knits for your home.”

    Yarn Required
    Lattice Lace Throw
    Croft DK 10 x 100g

    Diamond Bed Runner
    Croft DK 9 x 100g

    Croft DK 10 x 100g

    Honeycomb Basket Blanket
    Bluefaced Leicester Roving 3 [4] x 100g

    Honeycomb Cable Panel Cushion
    Bluefaced Leicester Roving 3 [4] x 100g 

    Basket Weave Cushion
    Bluefaced Leicester Roving 3 [4] x 100g 

    Peacock Plume Throw
    Croft DK 11 x 100g

    Ripple Cushion
    Croft DK 3 x 100g

    Checker Board trellis Blanket
    Bluefaced Leicester Roving
    Ecru 5 x 100g
    Light Grey 5 x 100g
    Medium Grey 5 x 100g
    Black Brown 3 x 100g

    Patchwork Blanket
    Bluefaced Leicester Roving
    Ecru 11 x 100g 
    Brown 9 x 100g 

    Patchwork Cushion
    Bluefaced Leicester Roving
    Ecru 2 x 100g 
    Brown2 x 100g 

    Cable and Basket Cushion
    Bluefaced Leicester Roving 3 x 100g  

    Bluefaced Leicester Roving 3 [4] x 100g  
    Bluefaced Leicester Roving 3 x 100g  

  • Paperback:
    39 pages, ringbound

    West Yorkshire Spinners

  • About Jenny Watson

    I live in a small West Yorkshire town called Ilkley in the North of England. Ilkley is a small spa town on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and is surrounded by beautiful countryside whilst a short journey away from major northern cities such as Leeds and Manchester.

    My home town is a constant source of inspiration and I feel privileged to have grown up and enjoyed these surroundings with it’s very definitive seasons. The vibrant colours of springtime contrasted by the rich colours of autumn coupled with dramatic country scenery are a constant reminder of how beautiful Ilkley is.

    I was originally taught to knit as a teenager by my mother Joan, who was a great inspiration to me. I have wonderful memories of dark winters evenings beside a warm fire learning to knit. On leaving school I joined a local yarn company as a junior progressing my technical knowledge and career before joining a major yarn company in 1980’S eventually becoming Chief Designer for Emu, Robin and Studley yarns. Three diverse brands focussing on three different markets which was challenging and expanded my technical and creative knowledge then progressing to one of the leading UK brands Sirdar – to which I was Chief Designer for almost 3 years prior to having my third child.

    Today working as a freelance designer has allowed me greater flexibility to develop my own style and brand. My style is more contemporary and different from what was a traditional industry born out of economic necessity many years ago. Today with modern production techniques I am able to create individual yarns specifically constructed to my specifications using high quality yarns from around the world.

    Additionally I continue to work with a significant number of leading UK yarn companies and continue to produce a wide variety of designs for knitting leaflets and books.

    I hope you enjoy my enthusiasm for creative knitting.

    Happy Knitting.