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Fiskerhuse Sweater Kits with Isager Alpaca 3

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    Is this not the most perfect cozy sweater??

    We saw this sweater on a visit to Isager HQ, and knew we had to have it!! We are so happy to announce that we have worked with the amazing designer, Annette Danielsen, to translate the pattern to English! (It's only available in Danish at the moment, in Annette's book Fynsk Forår.

    This pattern is knit top down in the round, with stranded colourwork which is charted.

    As well as the original, we have created some alternative colourways from the gorgeous Alpaca 3 palette 😊.

    (Pre-Orders should ship approx 1-2 weeks after ordering. Note that all items ordered with your pre-order will ship together.)

    Your Kit Includes:

    Yarn: 5 colours of Isager Alpaca 3. See Sizes tab for more info on size options.

    Col A balls
    4 5
    Col B balls
    2 2
    Col C balls 2 2
    Col D balls 1 2
    Col E balls 2 2

    PDF pattern, translated to English, including chart, delivered to you by email

    Note that the translation has not been fully tested by test-knitters, but we are pretty confident it's exactly as written in Danish in the book.

    You will also need:
    Circular knitting needles in 6mm and 8mm (or size needed to achieve gauge)
    Stitch Marker

    Stitch holder or waste yarn
    Tapestry needle for darning your ends

    About The Yarn:

    Isager Alpaca 3 is a light, airy, chunky weight yarn that's perfect for your quick, warm Winter knits.

    With its tubular, braided construction, the yarn is hollow in the middle which makes it both light and warm at the same time due to the trapped air.

    It's beautifully soft, right next to the skin, and over time will wear into a beautiful, slightly fuzzy knit, and a cozy hug.

  • Sizes:

    S (M/L) XL/XXL

    Half chest width: 53 (59) 64cm
    Length: 57cm
    Arm length: 44 (42) 41cm

    On 8mm needles, 13 sts to 18 rows in stocking stitch.
    On 8mm needles, 15 sts and 18 rows in pattern.

    50% merino
    50% alpaca
    125m (136yd) per 50g ball

    Kit Colourways:

    The OG:
    A: E2S Grey
    B: 33 Brick
    C: 1 Salmon
    D: 18 Dark Teal
    E: 8s Brown

    A: E2S Grey
    B: 43 Olive
    C: 59 Straw
    D: 42 Blue
    E: 0 White

    Fuzzy Peach:
    A: 1 Salmon
    B: 18 Dark Teal
    C: 59 Straw
    D: 42 Blue
    E: 0 White

    Arabian Nights:
    A: 8S Brown
    B: 33 Brick
    C: E2S Grey
    D: 18 Dark Teal
    E: 1 Salmon

    A: 59 Straw 
    B: 33 Brick
    C: 1 Salmon
    D: E6S Beige
    E: 42 Blue

    A: 100 Navy
    B: 1 Salmon
    C: E2S Grey
    D: 8S Brown
    E: 0 White

    A: 0 White
    B: 59 Straw
    C: 42 Blue
    D: E2S Grey
    E: E6S Beige

    A: 30 Black
    B: 59 Straw
    C: 0 White
    D: E2S Grey
    E:8S Brown


    Renowned for classic yarns made from natural fibres, well suited for knitting, crochet, weaving and embroidery.

    All the wool qualities are ideal for felting and for dyeing with plant dyes.

    It is important to us that our yarns are produced with the greatest amount of care taken to both animals and humans.


    Carefully created so the colours work well together both within and across the qualities. We rarely change the colours, as the range primarily consists of BASIC COLOURS, amongst which contemporary colours can always be found.

    The colours and qualities of our finer yarns can be mixed to create unique pieces.

    As a rule, single ply, densely spun yarns should not be used individually for working in the round, as they may pull the finished work. When worked together with other qualities this problem is avoided.