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Faire Magazine

Faire Magazine - Issue 3

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  • We are so excited to stock this brand new magazine, brought to us by Ruth Ribeaucourt and her amazing team - FAIRE is a brand new quarterly independent print magazine celebrating creativity.

    You can view an Issue 3 teaser video here.

    Issue Three creatives includeSuperfolk;Fiona Corsini di San Giuliano;Jannik Abel;Lea Rutledge;Alyssia Belloso;Elainea Emmott;Elizabeth Cope;Sara Emami;Amanda & Matt Caines;Feau Boiseries; Ruth Miller and Loic Michel.

    Long-form features about 16 of the world's foremost talent in craft, creative and fine art - with a combined Instagram following of + 160k.

    Issue Three explores the mediums of fibers (embroidery and textile design); fine art (painting, printmaking, sculpture); craft (jewellery making, ceramics, woodworking), cooking (recipe development and food photography), creative entrepreneurship and heritage savoir-faire.

    Italian artist Fiona Corsini di San Giuliano is on our Issue 3 cover and inside we explore her painters atelier and family homes in Florence. 

    Our stories include :

    • Stories of Salt & Starlight by Ruth Steadman

    • Superfolk is husband-and-wife team Gearoid Muldowney, a craft designer, and Jo Anne Butler, an artist and architect. Together they have created a design company inspired by the ever-changing vibrant, rich colours and patterns of the wildlife, landscape, geology and seasons of their native Mayo, a county on the west coast of Ireland.

    • Fiona Corsini di San Giuliano is an Italian painter and we are thrilled to share this intimate portrait that celebrates her life and work as seen through the eyes of Australian photographer Robyn Lea in an excerpt from her book A Room of Her Own (Thames & Hudson, 2021).

    • Loïc Michel is a young Belgian market gardener who, over the last two years, has created a life for himself farming a large plot of land in Vencimont, Belgium, with a focus on sustainable farming and biodiversity – building a community where ‘love and diversity reign’.

    • Jannik Abel is a Norwegian artist who moved to live in a forest in 2017, where she was inspired to create a very special wood factory, The Reconnector Project. Jannik lives to create things that make you remember who you are.

    • Alyssia Belloso is a Belgian ceramist who has a lifelong fascination with craftsmanship and a love for the meditative process and earthy nature of pottery. For Alyssia, ceramics are a lifestyle, a philosophy and an important path to healing.

    • Elizabeth Cope is regarded as one of Ireland’s foremost contemporary artists with a prolific career spanning more than 50 years. Elizabeth believes that art doesn’t answer any questions, only asks them.

    • Sara Emami is an Iranian-born visual storyteller who found refuge in the coluor blue, adopting it as her signature colour. Inspired by the people she has learned from along the way, Sara strives to make aesthetics into a daily way of living.

    • Ruth Miller is an American textile artist living and creating in rural Mississippi. Her extraordinary embroidered paintings have been exhibited at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art and Ruth received the Mississippi Governor’s Award for Excellence in Visual Art in 2019.

    • Lea Rutledge is a New England-based textile designer whose creative inspiration stems from a love of place. Her hand-painted wallpaper and textile designs are commissioned to illustrate historic properties and beloved estates for individuals and non-profits committed to environmental and historic preservation.

    • Amanda & Matt Caines are artists who live and work in the Welsh countryside. Matt Caines is a sculptor who works in stone and bone and Amanda Caines is a multidisciplinary artist who sews, embroiders and makes jewellery. They have been collaborating – on creative work, life and raising a family together – for 32 years.

    • Masters of Craft explores the history of Féau Boiseries, a French family heritage company headed by Guillaume Féau, a passionate collector who has made it his life’s work to not only preserve his family business, but to also seek out, salvage, restore and promote centuries of France’s most exquisite and skilled decorative arts.

    • Elainea Emmott is a creative Renaissance woman who in recent years has rediscovered her creative voice through food, cooking and sharing flavours and stories through her supper club, Our Seat, Our Table. She shares her creative journey, exploring themes of identity, heritage, flavour and memory, comfort and conflict.

    FAIRE is committed to building a creative community on and off its pages while opening up opportunities for collaboration and skill sharing.

    • 144 pages FSC certified paper.
    • A luxury magazine, dimensions 20cm x 26cm
    • 12 Lead stories about creatives from around the world
    • 2-3 special interest stories in every issue exploring heritage craftsmanship, off the beaten track creative sources and inspirational new talent.

  •  building a creative community

    The joy of holding something physical, filled with considered, intimate, meaningful stories that bring us inside artists’ homes and creative spaces to share stories of slowing down, creating with intention, community, and collaboration, examining the twists and turns of creative lives and how to finally find your voice.

    In today’s world of social media, creative work can happily reach a global audience, but many artists find it creatively debilitating. Work is reduced to “content,” and everything becomes ephemeral and forgettable. We never truly see past the perfect frame or scratch the surface of what makes our favourite creatives tick.

    At FAIRE, we want to create something joyfully physical, something to be treasured, a magazine you take your time to read and return to in moments of reflection.

    Considered, intimate, and honest stories that bring us into artists’ homes and creative spaces; stories of slowing down, creating with intention, community and collaboration, and examining the twists and turns of creative lives and how to finally find your voice.

    Creativity can take on so many forms. Powerful, physical work made by hand; vessels that carry an artist’s thoughts and dreams. It can also be seen in how we create a home, tend our gardens, or set the table for friends coming over for dinner. Creativity is at work when we are positive catalysts for change within our community, when we find ways to share our knowledge and create learning opportunities to help others soar.


    FAIRE has not been created in a big, glossy office block in a cosmopolitan city centre. Rather, our small, all-female team has mastered the art of working remotely, from our kitchen tables and bedrooms, straddling four different time zones as if we’ve been doing this all our lives.

    During these months defined by limitations and isolation, our team has witnessed the incredible power of creativity, both in our magazine’s own story and in the stories of the creatives shared within these pages. It is our hope that our considered, intimate storytelling—free from the manipulation of algorithms or the temptation to appease major advertisers—will connect, educate, inspire, and uplift our readers around the world.

    To our artists: Change is never comfortable, but I deeply admire each of you as you’ve stretched and found new ways to work, create, and collaborate during an unusually difficult season. Thank you for trusting us with your stories.

    To our readers and Kickstarter supporters: Thank you for giving us this incredible opportunity to share these stories and shine a spotlight on the wonderful artists, makers, and craftspeople who fill our lives and world with beauty.